E13 - European Cirrus Migration to Sywell, UK - May 2015

The next European Migration, E-13, will be to Sywell, UK, in conjunction with the AeroExpo show. Please note the date:

May 27-31, 2015

Mark the date in your calendar !!

More details to come when we are closer to the event.


Wow Timm, What a great event. I see that registration is open. Early registration is over soon.



thank you - YES ! - E13 is up and ready for registration. All details are here:



Here is the program in a nutshell:

Day 1 - Wednesday, May 27

Arrival day - Fly in to Sywell Aerodrome, EGBK. We’ll have a dedicated Cirrus ramp to park our airplanes, and a shuttle bus service to the Kettering Park hotel. Check in, relax, and join your COPAnions for dinner at the hotel.

Day 2 - Thursday, May 28

We’ll have a bus tour organized bringing us to the world famous aviation museum in Duxford, and for sightseeing in Cambridge. Late afternoon return to the Kettering Park Hotel for dinner and relaxation


Day 3 - Friday, May 29

The new CDM course - Critical Decision Making - and in parallel the latest version of the PIC course - Partner in Command. In the afternoon, touring famous English castles and gardens. In the evening: The famous COPA banquet dinner with music and dancing until the sun comes out!

Day 4 - Saturday, May 30

This is our AeroExpo day - we are invited to the show, so no entrance fees do apply. We have a full day of visiting the show. In the evening, Cirrus UK will host a party for us in the Aerodrome hotel. Later that night, shuttle buses will bring us back to the Kettering Park Hotel.

Day 5 - Sunday, May 31
This is Departure day - say Farewell to Northamptonshire, Kettering and Sywell - fly your Cirrus home to your place and tell all your friends what a wonderful Migration you had.

A quick question for those who know these things:

I’m still working my schedule but hope to join you all for this terrific event. I note that there’s a pretty good connection, via Tube from Heathrow, then a change to British Rail at, I believe, St. Pancras Station to arrive at Kettering; with luck, about a two hour or so trip. Does that make logistical sense? What are the options, given that I am smart enough not to hire a car and try to drive myself after traveling all night. I’m given to also understand that Sundays are not the best days to try and take rail back to Heathrow, as that’s track repair day throughout the UK. Smart move is to book my return on Monday and either take my time getting down to Heathrow on Sunday and stay overnight at the hotel(s) near there or stay in Kettering Sunday night and allow enough time to get down first thing Monday morning.

So, advice and ideas solicited and gratefully accepted,

Be safe and have fun,

Just a couple of days left for early registration. If you have been waiting, now is the time to register.

Last day before prices go up. Register now.