Drug Testing

I Worked with cirrus for a long time.I was a lead man for a certain area.Your planes when I was there were made with workers smoking pot in the parking lot and on a break.Cirrus was too cheap for drug test.I know many were made in my department.They also drank 40 oz.'erz on dinner.We had no real supervision.QA allways approved the work.

I think this type of poster is generically known as a “Jeff,” though in other contexts as a “troll.”

If you had any character, if only for the sake of safety for others involved, you would have enough go-nads to present this problem to the proper authorities, if in fact this problem exists. You carry absolutely no credibility and are a disgusting disgrace to what is righteous and honorable. It is most apparent that you are a complete failure in virtually every phase of your existense. You need to examine your purpose and why you respond in such a fashion. A true person of quality would not be afraid by hiding behind an email address. If you are correct in your acussations, then stand up and become a man for the first time in your life. Don

Considering that Cirrus has been ramped up to produce planes in any quantity for only a few years, you could not have worked for them for very long. If you consider that ‘a long time’, this tells us a lot about your work history. Is there a reason you can’t hold a job? It is also amazing you actually were in a supervisory position in an aircraft factory, knew this type of activity was going on, and did not do anything about it. Did you just sit there and let QA pass off workmanship you thought was lacking knowing people were going to be putting their families in these planes? QA is not responsible, YOU are. Especially as a lead man. If you worked for me, I’d kick your butt out the door so fast it would make your head spin, just like Cirrus probably did. If you have no spine, find a job pumping gas where they need people that don’t think or act on their own. You have absolutely no credibility whatsoever here.

DRIVEFOREVERAGAINSTONETHREE, I can’t understand what do you mean.

I usually drink 60/80 Oz beer x h (yes, I could beat an IO-550), while I’m smoking marjuana, hashis or any kind of drug (or solvent) available at the moment, and, if possible making sex, alone or with my secretary in the bathroom, listening rock and roll music… ok, making some belchs sometime I have to admit it, but still working well and in efficienty/productive way.

So, I cant see any problem if one employe drink in one day 40 Oz of beer smoking one dogfish…

Did you?

Hey Jeff, I got a email from your mom today and after all this time she still thinks your a loser…Ed

No I am jeff.I dig bowling chics.

Hey! Is Jeff back?

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Hey! Is Jeff back?

Looks like it! Jeff used to use names like drive4ever, drive55, etc.

Hey Jeff, how ya doin?

good thanks

Whoa!! I have some experience with drug testing in the medical field. I believe that random drug screens are by far the most effective way to uncover and prevent illicit drug use in the workplace. I believe it should be required in any skilled occupation- where lives are at stake. I would consider airplane construction to be such an occupation. I believe it is a very appropriate question for Cirrus to answer—duh. Do they or don’t they have a drug free workplace with random testing in place.

John Janes, MD
N811WM SR 20

I called Human Resources at CD today. They do have a drug free workplace policy and random testing. Do workers get high at CD? Who on this website will ever know. We do know that such actions would lead to a positive urine and company action. I am satisfied. Why did I even consider otherwise for one second. I guess I was gullible. Oh well, fool me once shame on you-----fool me twice shame on me.



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