Deposit and Wait List Enquiries


I’m looking into the SR20/SR22. I’m a new pilot who is shortly going to start training with Cirrus and wanted to work out the viability of getting a new aircraft in time for me completing training versus a used one.

I wondered if it’s possible to know what the current lead time on a new SR20/22 is and how much deposits are for purchase and how payments are generally structured?

I haven’t got in touch with Cirrus sales yet as wanted to get a feel for whether buying new is viable first.



10% down, and about a year. For a new one…


Correct. I didn’t find a loan at 10% so plan on progress payments of another 5% to 10% over that year…. Should help at closing time.

I know a great lender if interested.


Thanks for the answers everybody. Reached out to sales yesterday after this all fit into my budgets and found out current wait for a 20/22 is 1 year, 5 months. My plan has been Cirrus training then straight into ownership so I may need to postpone training or go used for the plane so I can get one sooner.

In terms of finance if anybody has any recommendations I would welcome them. I’m based in Costa Rica but originally from UK. No ties to US. If I’m looking to go used it’s most likely a US aircraft. So if anybody has any idea in a finance agent that can work some wizardry to purchase a US aircraft for export to Costa Rica for someone US credit history then I’d be all ears!

Thank you

i heard non-refundable 10%, but what are “strings” and or perks. Can u get the training that comes from a CSIP during the waiting period and assume it is part of the priced package? Meaning, cirrus embark training is included on used purchase and there is some training implicit with a new purchase. How much of that training can be done without charge (or drawing against the 10% deposit) during the waiting months? AND, BONUS question, what kind of a price lock against possible increases, does one get for risking their 10%.

Probably all good questions for your salesman.

Embark Training is conducted in your own airplane. If your willing to rent a Cirrus there are many available to rent and plenty of CSIPs to check you out. From their 2021 Price List and additional pilot checkout is$3000.

I think anything over 5% let’s you get a refund of your deposit, but a Cirrus sales person can tell you for sure.

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Thank you all for the emotional support and advice! I had an offer to swap a position for someone who had a delivery date of March 2023 but Cirrus would not allow this. They did, however understand my circumstances and were willing to refund my deposit. I instead applied the funds to a new order with a position in the second quarter of 2023 in hopes that the medical issues will have been resolved by then. Hopefully I can once again pursue my dream of owning a Cirrus.
Again, thanks. I sincerely appreciate the support that this forum provides its members. And thanks to Gavin Black and his team at Cirrus for their understanding of my situation.


I wanted a delay as my delivery was to be early 2021 and COVID’s impact on my income was still tough to determine as 2020 wore on. Ordered early spring of 2020.

By fall 2020 my order had not yet locked (still customizable) and Cirrus found some one happy to take my delivery (Feb 2021) and I take theirs (July 2021).

I hate bills—or rather large looming cash outlays—and so opted to give all 17.5% down right up front. It’s how I sleep at night, I’m sure there were better ways to play it. I did wonder what would happen if come the big day I couldn’t get a loan. Even posted about it here. But all worked.

If any one asks how much a new G6 is, tell them the truth: $150k down and a thousand/week. :slight_smile:


Apparently the Cirrus target audience has grown exponentially.

I remember back when the SR22 was considered the modern v-tail doctor killer. The implication was the demographic were a bunch of wealthy doctors.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I’m rushing home to meet with a dog training service at 2 pm today. I have an analog E6B in hand as I exit my car. Simultaneously, the dog trainers pull up in front of my home. One trainer comments on the E6B, then proceeds to tell me he’s in process of getting his PPL at All In Aviation, and he’s been inquiring about purchasing a new SR22T, unreal.

During today’s lesson, I found myself wishing I knew how to run a dog training business. I was impressed.

You better get your deposit in soon because Cirrus is attracting a larger audience. Best Wishes.


I am always looking for a backup career in case I can’t make it as a lawyer. That job sounds like it would suit me nicely.

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The dog trainer probably made his $$ trading crypto… :wink:

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Funny! TRUE

Hi Guy, I’m a CFI, CFII and CSIP in CA and interested in Costa Rica. Be great to discuss aviation and CR with you. Milton 4159485889


Mind if I ask who is a great lender.

Of course, Dave who owns US Aircraft Finance. Happy to intro you. Email address?

Chris Giordano