Demo ride today

Most of you know I have been on this

site since the beginning. I can not

believe the amount of traffic that

has developed on the site. Many people

are checking in and alot of them get

Cirrus paychecks. They are listening!

I ordered my plane 15 months ago and

never was able to get my demo ride.

Well, today was the day. The company

that I fly for happens to own a whole

lot of iron ore. We go to Hibbing and

Duluth several times a year. The guys

in the paint shop at Hibbing just smile

and open the door when they see me coming.

BTW number 47 was there today being buffed.

So I’m cruising in to Hibbing and Duluth

Approach Control was talking to Cirri all

over the place. Training in progress I
guess. Before I left Pittsburgh in my

trusty G-III, I called Bruce Gunter to see

if I could wangle that elusive demo ride.

He managed to have 205CD, the same plane

I had sat in so many months befor, brought

up for ride. Our G-IVSP also arrived in
Hibbing so we had several interested
pilots. We were all impressed. Me all over

again. After a too short 30 minutes and

one landing I was convinced that I had
done one of the smatrest things in my life
buying this airplane. As it sat there
between 60 million bucks worth of heavy
iron it really held it’s own. The avionics

in our SR20’s is in many ways comperable

to what we have in the brand new Gulfstream.

The SR20 flys like a dream. I really liked

the trim system. Being an ex fighter pilot

my thumb wants to move in all four directions.

It is so easy to trim. The side stick takes

no time to get used to. I mean no time. You
pull your left hand back ever so lightly and

you are aviating. It never enters your mind

after that. It will take the rest of my life

to learn all the displays and I’ve been

practicing. It is a little overwhelming and

I fly with dual FMS’s and autothrottles in
my day job. I have some neet pictures of

the SR20 sitting between our Gulfstreams that

I will get to Clyde somehow. I brought up

the idea of an owners association a year

ago and we all decided it was too early.
Well, maybe the time has come. It is better

to speak with one loud voice than many

little ones. May of next year can’t come

soon enough for me.

It is a little overwhelming and

I fly with dual FMS’s and autothrottles in
my day job.

OK, Bob, we all understand your thrill with the demo flight, but really – overwhelming compared to dual FMSs and autothrottles??

Great to hear your enthusiasm. That’s why they’ve sold some 700 of these things and the number keeps going up…