demo flights made yesterday

An extremely succesful flight in sr20 made yesterday. Bruce arrived in Maryland and put me in the left seat with my wife in the back. While my eyes bulged at the unfamiliar panel (mine is bonanza A36) he started the engine and told me to fly it. How to taxi with just rudder was nice–full throttle and we were down the runway ( I already was familiar with the side control, having had three or four minutes practice on the way out–and I felt as if I had alwaqys had side stick—Bruce insisted I wait till 70 for lift off- and the climb at his requirement of 90 was too steep for my liking (more angle than Im used to) BUT-- we had only three people and 30 gal of gas.—The plane purred, absolutely purred its way to 4,500 where we felt around. A home video, shot by my wife in back did not have head phones on the mike and I was pleased with the low noise level it gave throughout. —Outstanding stability, we were near clouds using open spaces–great handling-- unbelievable control using just the trim button on the yoke–up, down, sideways all with my thumb, ;my feet on the floor and my thumb–are you sure we need autopilot? I venture to state that the work load from Bonanza A36 to senor 20 for me was reduced by 50%- no stuff. Avonics, well they are all new to me–so rather than struggle with learning I just etched a line from the litle plane back to the airport and flew the little plane image home. Greased the landing 100 downwind, 90 base, 80 final. FRiends on the ground knew I was good! Bruce received my thanks got gas and flew to Baltimore Maryland giving a demo to Les Albert who called me just now to compare notes–He is estatic–Likes stability, climb he says is steep compared to his sundowner,—NEGATIVES – WE BOTH NOTED NO WORKING DG, Mine needed ccoax to start- his did not- one scratchy com radio–Les says he is calling sara for some stock-- I already have mine. Damn it feels good to discover and have verified that you have made a good choice and call. My personal best to all of you, tom