De-ice drain on 2007 SR-22 broke

After arriving in Florida for my winter season, I decided to drain my de-ice tank hoping to prolong the fuel return line life. I turn the allen set screw to the left but when I released it it would not lock in so I can drain the fluid. Then I decided to unscrew it all together. That was a big mistake. I am bring it up here so other owners would be aware of the consequences. The screw poped out all together and after draining the tank it would not go back in. So I tried removing the drain and it turned partially but it did not come out. Now I had to take the whole plate out. After removal we (me and AP) realized that the drain is made of plastic and a little pin was broken at the end. Knowing Cirrus pricing tried to research the part on the web, it does no exist. So I called Cirrus and hold on to your wallets, $ 561.00. This mistake end up costing over $750.00 to repair. I have owned Cirrus aircraft since 2004 but I find these prices out of control.

It amazes me that some Cirrus parts are totally reasonable, and others completely bend you over.

I might have a spare Part somewhere, as my sc had ordered the spare valve for the fuel line SB ( just in case it might break)