Looking For Working SIU For SR22

Anybody have working A0800 Avidyne SIU for SR22 - S/N 1132 or have a better way to get it fixed than a $3000.00 fix ?


You can get repaired units from your Cirrus Service Center for around $1,000

Do you have the contact info for the repair center that says $1000 to repair because I can only find a $3000 repiar ?


Again, you need to contact your Cirrus Service Center.

Try Cutter San Antonio - **Kirk Wood, Manager of Aircraft Service **at 210-340-6780 or email kwood@cutteraviation.com.

Thanks for your help saved me a lot of money !!!

Thanks for your help Cutter fixed me up !!

Several Years ago, the SIU was covered in Avidyne’s Flex Warranty. I see in their latest brochures, that they no longer have anything to do with the SIU.