cold weather starting!!

There is a fix available for all of you having troubles starting your SR20’s It is a continental SIL. I had also just got approval today from TCM that we can also install these fuel port drain connectors on the SR22’s also. This fix does work. Any questions; just ask!!


I am going to have this modification done (on my 20) at this shop, in Lancaster Pa, in about a week. Will let you all know how it goes.

Why doesn’t the factory fix the problem,if they know how to fix it? Larry


I had Jim install the port drain connectors on my plane about 10 days ago. Of course, we haven’t had any -really- cold weather yet but I can confirm that it does start a LOT easier in the 40-45 degree range than it did last winter without the mod.


Hi Larry,
I was informed by cirrus that the cirrus’s that are coming off the line now do have the modified fuel port drain connectors installed. I agree that this should have been taken care of long ago.


Jim: Is that just 20’s or 20’s & 22’s?