On AvWeb there is a new Mike Busch column which among other things talks about how to keep parts cost down. Not sure it helps in the case of an alternator though.

One point the service centers made is that Cirrus’s parts prices are actually quite reasonable compared with Beechcraft, Cessna, etc. In this case though I think you are dealing with a TCM pricing issue, not Cirrus.

WOW! I guess thats how they will try to keep us buying new. It makes for a good reason for the extended warrinty. Good luck on that one Bill. Don

I’m on my 4th P.O.S. from ElectroSystems (#2alt). The 1st was a complete failure. The last three have been leaking shaft. Two were replaced & the last time it was rebuilt ($180+) as it was out of warranty. Total time on a/c is now 343hrs.

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TCM won’t sell them to an “end user” either, only to aircraft manufacturers and engine rebuilding outfits that use their engines.

Have you tried going to an engine rebuilding outfit nearby and asking them to supply the part, or rather do the work?

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Today, I found out how much Cirrus is going to charge me to replace said alternator: $1076.00, plus shipping! (my plane is out of warranty now, so no help there.)

Bill, I guess it could be worse; I had my #2 alternator replaced (under warranty, thankfully) several months ago because the plastic fan thing on it was broken, and the price on the invoice was listed at over $2,200!! Unbelievable…maybe not.

It appears that you did well getting it for the price you quote. TCM’s list price for the 654200 is $1295.

By comparison, for a Lycoming engined Cessna 172/182, new would list at $838 and for reman, list is $385.


I called a friend at Firewall Forward a large engine rebuilder here in Colorado. As you stated Kelly only sell to TCM - TCM will then only supply to TCM distributors. In fact they sell the parts to Avio Systems who then supply to the distributors. Firewall Forward is not a distributor but they have a network of suppliers they deal with as this is often the only way to get parts.

They did a quick search of their database and they could supply an overhauled unit for $1500 + $300 core - using their supply routes the cheapest new units were $1800 but avialability is limited. To rebuild a unit again they have to source parts via this network. There are also PMA’ed replacement alternators not made by Kelly but they felt it would cost the same by the time you got all the approvals and paperwork done.

So the sad new it looks like the rather contorted supply networks allows everyone to markup by 40% along the way - good news Cirrus has a reasonable-ish ( certainly not reasonable compared to the $80 AC Delco car equivalent ) price and your core may by valuable.



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His comment afterward was “you should not be paying more than about $200.00 for a factory-new alternator for this airplane, after figuring in the discount for the returned alternator core. This is outrageous!”

Go figure…

For a reality check, I’m building a Van’s RV-8 and there has been some discussion on the RV list about the value of buying the recommended “factory” alternator (a remanufactured Nippondenso 14184 of 35 amps) from Van’s aircraft for the shocking price of $90.

The same alternator can be had from Pep Boys for…$18.

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Leaking shaft? I had my #2 changed for that reason also, and it leaks also. I have been told that the shaft seal is part of the accessory case, not the alternator. So changing the alternator would not fix the leak.

Anybody heard the same thing?


Bill D.,

That’s great - the free market system at work!

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Did he give you a name? Sounds like info I would want to put in my now electronic Rolodex.


PLEASE post the company info when you get it (perhaps cross-post into the main COPA member forum too). As the owner of a very early model SR20 that I plan on keeping for a long time, I hope that company, and perhaps others too, flourish!!