Customer service- move over Lexus

When service is this good, you need to tell somebody!

Last Thursday night in Greenville SC, I noticed just after liftoff that my right gascap was missing and fuel trailing out (was not Cirrus’ fault, but let’s not go there, OK?).

It was 7:00 PM Eastern time when I called 1-877-4CIRRUS to request a replacement asap as I had 2 trips I needed to make soon. I left word on their answering machine and asked for a follow-up phone call from them just to be sure they got the message.

Before I even got back home, Cirrus had called to say that had the message and would get a replacement to me.


Means somebody got it out that night to a dropbox or to a Fedx office so it would shave a day off the delivery time.

I’m impressed ! You just can’t do it any better than that.

And they’ve earned these kudos.

It’great to know you’ve got somebody behind to help out- and not just nice words about service.

I though otheres would like to know.

Thanks Cirrus.