cost of operation per hour SR20

seeking real life information on what the SR20 cost is per hour. Taking into account insurance fuel/oil and payment to maintenance savings.

Also if any current owners or operators know of the best underwriter for the Cirrus please email me at

I am wanting to know what I should bill my company for operation of this mode of transportation, I do realize alot of the cost per hour is dependent on what my insurance cost is annually… but just seeking ideas.

w. adams

We are using $81.83 per hour.

Prop TBO 5.88 ($10,000 @ .852000 hours)
Engine TBO 17.75 ($30,000 @ .85
2000 hours)
Oil 2.80 ($100 @ .8550 hours)
EHSI Lamp .60 ($100 @ .85
200 hours)
Frame Maint 13.90 ((gas+oil)/2)
Avionics 16.00 (($80,000 * .1)/500)
Fuel 25.00 (10 gph @ 2.50/gal)

These figures assume you will get to 85% of TBO and that you will replace with new engines and props. The avionics and airframe maintenance is pure speculation based on owners experience with other planes.

We do our SR20 partnership about the same way. Here are the things we pay for as fixed costs per year…

  1. Insurance $6400
  2. Hangar $3600
  3. GPS subscriptions $780
  4. LCC legal and tax $500
  5. Property tax (LA CA) $2600
  6. Annual inspection $1000
  7. The cost of your $$$ or loan interest???
    Total yearly fixed costs = $14880+loan
    Now for the hourly costs (per hour)…
    Prop $5
    TBO $12
    Tires, oil, avionics, etc. $3
    Total (and we may be light here) $20
    Fuel $20 per hour
    Total hourly = $40

So assume you fly that bird 200 hours a year, take all the above and that works out to $74.40 plus $40 equals $114.4 plus the cost of your money or loan. if you have three owners like us, you save on the fixed costs. Remember, Wings Aloft charges around $160 per hour to rent one of their birds (I am estimating here) plus instructor fee. Don’t give away the store! Who ever you are asking to reimburse you for flight time, help them understand aviation is a very expensive hobby.