SR-22 Cost Of Operation

I am looking for estimates on cost of operation for the SR-22. Fixed and Hourly.


Jim the following two were sent to me during my investigation, one from the UK in pounds and one from back east. Hope they help.


Based on my first 11 months of ownership, I have worked up the following guestimates for operating cost. These include subscription costs for charts, JeppView, as well as insurance, hangar, fuel, oil, sinking funds for engine and avionics, etc… based on these, and 400 hours of flying this year, I am using the following estimates for hourly operating cost based on annual usage:

100 hours…$200.70/hour
200 hours…$133.90/hour
300 hours…$112.30/hour
400 hours…$100.00/jhour
500 hours…$92.62/hour

These figures are for the SR22. I would be interested in what others have seen so far.

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here’s an analysis provided to me a year ago…and, except for the cost of the annual (way low), it’s not off much.

Jim sorry the attachment did not take. Send me your email and I will forward them to you. Mine is

Does anyone have a similar analysis for SR20


Glenn Beltz and I share an SR20, N720DG. We charge ourselves $450 per person per month for fixed costs and $75 per flight hour (wet). Together we’re flying about 400 hours a year, so that works out to a net cost of $102 per hour.

We have PhDs in engineering and physics, so of course these numbers are highly suspect!


I fly my 20 150 hours this first year. Including inclosed hanger interest on 250,000 ( personal loan) 3 Percent at a very low rate and fuel @ 2.50 per gal. insurance at 2,600 , and little misc. Annual at 1,200 I have loaded SR 20 with engine veaw and strormscope. My total cost per hour was About 120 per hour that is with no money in for TBO From Don