COPA Member Advantage announcement - Savvy's Breakdown Assistance Program

COPA is pleased to announce a great service at a considerable Member Advantage discount.

Savvy is offering a promotion to COPA members on their Breakdown Assistance program. Normally this Savvy service is $149.00 annually, however as a COPA member you can sign up for it at a 33% discount, just $99.00 annually.

A brief description of the service is below:

If you’re traveling in your Cirrus, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a breakdown away from home. You’ll probably be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, dependent on shops and mechanics you don’t know or trust, and completely outside your comfort zone. If you’re not careful, you can wind up getting stuck for days or weeks and wasting thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs.

The COPA Aircraft Breakdown Assistance program (powered by Savvy) can help you avoid such predicaments.

As part of COPA’s Member Advantage program, Savvy Aviation offers a unique aircraft breakdown assistance service that provides you peace of mind when you travel, so you can focus on enjoying your journey rather than worrying about the hardware. If you have a mechanical problem while traveling in your airplane, one call to Savvy’s 24/7 toll-free hotline can help you get back in the air quickly and at minimum expense.

Think of it as AAA for GA.

The COPA Aircraft Breakdown Assistance program offers you protection against mechanical problems encountered away from home at a surprisingly inexpensive fixed annual fee of $99/year (discounted from the $149/year that non-COPA members pay). If you are enrolled in the program and have a mechanical problem while traveling in your airplane, one call to the 24/7 toll-free hotline will put you in touch with one of Savvy’s veteran A&P/IA Cirrus specialists who will help you get back in the air quickly and at minimum expense.

A link to the the full description of the program is here.

There is a link to sign up in that link or you can go directly to a sign up page here.

This is just another one of the benefits COPA membership brings. Cool deals at great prices.

Edited to add: One important benefit of this program was overlooked and is a COPA exclusive. This service applies when you are on COPA Sponsored international trips.

In other words, if you are outside the USA (in the Americas) on a COPA sponsored trip you would be eligible for breakdown assistance under this COPA deal.

It is already in the agreement wording but was neglected in the formal announcement. I have confirmed with Mike B. that Savvy will fix the website to reflect this.


Is this discount only available to COPA members who fly SR2X, or does it also cover those of us who fly a similar piston single?

Wasn’t clear to me from reading the program description on the provided link…

Heck, the pic they show is of an AOG Columbia[:)]

Yeah, I noticed that too. Talk about kicking a type while it’s down…[:^)]

Not Roger, nor even the other guy who spells his surname with a supercilious “c.“ The registration asks for model (20/22/T/TN) and serial number, but I’ll bet Savvy would honor a COPAn TTx subscription if you called them, Carl.


Good advice and I will do so. Perhaps Savvy will take pity on me as a pilot of the Red-Headed Stepchild to the SR22.

And…it is likely that I will need the service. One given with owning three aircraft is that I am three times as likely to be AOG somewhere…[:)]

So long as they’re all traveling!

Then it’s sort of a Ford Trimotor vs Single conundrum. [:|]


Never thought to ask that question. Try and let us know. I like you guys critical thinking though, you got to that point without me [;)]

Will do.

And…I suspect it is a service which will come in handy at some point. Ann is fond of reminding me that one of the more “useful” aspects of owning three airplanes is that you can almost always count on at least one of them being Airworthy at any moment in time…[:O]

Almost [:D]

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 9.55.13 PM.png

What chutzpah horning into the UPDT’s rightful legacy!

You think the Cessnumbia is even remotely related to the Best-Plane-Of-All-Time-Except-If-You’re-Chuck? Face it, the COL400 is basically a three month old that absolutely positively needs to be yank-ed from its parent’s arms because they were stupid enough to have been born elsewhere.

I demand that this man be banned from COPA for displaying disregard for history and lack of taste. And be encouraged to run for POTUS.

Ah the intolerant left!

make airplanes great again (mAGA)


Sanjay, Sanjay, Sanjay…

While thou’s bitter words do, I must confess, bring about a flash of anger in my heart, this is tempered by my knowledge that they are only written in ignorance, by one who has not Seen The Light.

It is, sadly, what I have come to expect form the misguided followers of The Gospel According To Saint Alan. Or is it Saint Dale? Historians seem to dispute the authorship…in any event, the misguided soul(s) who created the Abomination of the Side Controller, in clear Contravention of The Law (“Thou Shalt Not Deviate from the Accepted Practice of Flight Controls Actuated by Either Yoke or Side Stick”).

I strongly suspect that somewhere in Duluth there is a Golden Calf, at least many dark rumors to that effect…

In contrast, those relatively few of us who have embraced The Gospel According to Saint Lance regularly experience aviation Nirvana, and accept with this blessing our reluctant but Necessary Mission amongst the numerous Heathen, strong in our Faith and Secure in our Knowledge of our Righteousness. A heavy load to bear, sure-but that is why we needed the Utility Category Certification. Comes in handy.

Brother Chuck remains a curious enigma, he too has strayed from the path at least until his warranties run out and the true cost of ownership begins to sink in. However, it has been difficult to watch his descent into his present state, just yesterday he was raving on about “The True Meaning of CAPS!”*

*(Curse All Piper Salesmen)

You might say he has developed a bit of a persecution complex.

I Pray for Your Enlightenment, for someday, perhaps on the Road To Damascus or Redwood City a great light will blaze down on you, something like composite scales will fall from your eyes, and you will See The Truth. What a celebration that will be!

In the interim, a donation to my PAC is always appreciated.


I traded some emails with Mike B. Sorry, the deal is for COPA members flying Cirrus models only.

Back to red headed step child status. But we love you non the less.

Awww…doesn’t it count that half of the time ATC refers to me as a Cirrus?

“Cirrus 1CR, you are cleared to land.” “Cirrus 1CR, taxi to 28R via Hotel-Alpha”. “Aircraft at Luxivair, hold on the ramp for inbound Cirrus”. It goes on and on and on.

Even Max Trescott recently referred to Ann and I as “Proud owners and operators of three Cirrus T240 aircraft.”

(sniff, sniff)

Thanks for trying, guess I will have to pony up the extra 0.05 MCC Unit (AKA Aviation Maintenance Unit) like the rest of the Great Aviation Unwashed[:)]

Is there a special link for copa members? The link just gives the full price option.


Are you using the link in the announcement? It is supposed to show that. If so, did you go to the end - perhaps there is a discount there.

Beyond that I will have to ask Savvy.

Yes, use THIS link:

I just signed up and was charged $99.

Thanks Scott. That link worked.


Glad it worked.

I am trying to figure out if I need to update a link. It appears that Scott’s link is the same URL as the one I posted. Curious.


was on a plane waiting to take off back to ord. I pressed the wrong link. Thanks.

If I get the premier level does this include free towing up to a certain radius and jump starts? :slight_smile: