Advantage Program Marketing Team members needed


Cirrus Owners Pilots Assn is forming a marketing team to help develop and grow the Member Advantage Program (

You must have a creative mind, a willingness to help to find great ideas and deals that will save our members lots of money, and you only need a bit of time to make COPA a better value

Please drop me a note as we will be having a conference call soon to do some brainstorming.


I’m interested.

Dennis, I applaud the effort to leverage the strength of the membership.

One thing I’d really, really like to see is a contract fuel program for 100LL.

I’ve spent more time over the last six years burning Jet-A rather than 100LL, but just sold that airplane and am back to 100% avgas.

For those that aren’t aware, it’s possible to rarely pay retail for Jet-A, and at times get handling and ramp fees waived. The discounts can be substantial.

Members of the TBMOPA, for example, qualify for no-fee conrtact fuel accounts that saved me hundreds or thousands of dollars a year, even with the TBM’s relatively modest fuel burn.

I’ve never seen or heard of contract fuel for 100LL, but I’d like to think the Cirrus fleet is big enough ot entice someone to offer the service.

dennis ,

its really a good idea , i can purpose some idea for europe ( im based in france ) and travel to usa several times each year .

in my mind we can work on :

  • deal with TOTAL and ELF for avgas and oil

  • deal with beringer to have a price for upgrade

  • create a european network with avionics/mechanics maintenance and repair ( if someone travel in another country , it can help him )

  • deal with rocketroute

  • deal with skydeamon

  • deal with a hotel group for travel

  • deal with rental car group

-etc …

im currently in florida and im probably goes to oshkosh if you want to have a meeting

all the best