Connecting Potential Owners

Dear COPA members,

Although I am not a Cirrus Owner I endeavor to become one. However, I know my lifestyle may not allow me to utilize a Cirrus the way a Cirrus should be utilized, i.e. flown as frequently as it should be flown. I realize I will be able to fly (at least) a few hours per week but, in my opinion, that does not make for a sound financial decision to buy my own plane.

Do the honorable members of this forum know of any website/application/forum wherein we could link owners that want to partner in purchasing one of these amazing planes?


I see you posted on the guest section, a section that is literally .1% of COPA. On the full site, which you can only access with a membership, there are quite a few people who post partnership opportunities. Sometimes starting a new partnership of one member leaving a partnership and selling their portion.

I suggest you consider spending the nominal membership fees, they will probably give you what you are looking for.

I wish you luck in your search.

You should definitely join up.

With a name like yours, somebody will be buying you drinks and somebody else will be criticizing your life saving mantra- all so fast your head will spin.

It might be a little confusing at first, figuring out all the attention. My advice? Run with it, see what develops.

Or you could cut to the chase, join, and search for member Rick Beach.

More to the point of your question, you can often find posts asking for partners leasing arrangements, etc- usually in the marketing section.

It is a very active site.


I must admit the post was confusing to me at first since I know Rick owns a Cirrus…but then again I play guitar for a hobby and found out a few years ago there was an “Arthur Gunn” band…

in what region are you looking to partner?

The Houston area.

Does that help?

I suggest checking out EvolveAir. They are based in Galaxy FBO at Conroe Regional and have a 2017 with open partnerships available. I’m a 1/4 partner on the plane and it works great for me.


Who “owns” the AC - the partners or Evolveair?

I think it’s the latter - they own the planes and you have a contractual right to use them on specified terms and conditions. Hard to finance something like that plus if they go TU you are left with an unsecured claim. But it’s an interesting model … and the planes look nice

Thats what I was thinking (afraid of) also… My only concern would be solvency. If something happens to the “parent” company, what happens to ones investment


The share partners in the Cirrus own the airplane. After all the shares in an airplane are sold, EvolveAir no longer owns the airplane. EvolveAir’s role at that point is just to help the partners manage the airplane ie; maintenance, scheduling, cleaning, nav updates, etc.

If you are interested in more information, please feel free to call (832) 899-4388

Thanks for clarifying.