cold weather starting

Has anyone complied with the continental service advisory
SA 01-10. This service advisory tells you to install the fuel port drain connectors for cold weather starting. We install them quite a bit in our shop and alot of people have said that it has improved their cold weather starting considerably. Although the SA 01-10 only specifies the SR20, they do work in the SR22 also, you just need to get field approval.


This problem really is inexcusable. To have a 6 figure airplane that will not start just because it is a little cold is ridiculous. Surely Continental has got to do a better job than this. I have been flying Lycoming engines for 20 years and have never seen this degree of trouble with cold starting. I am surprised that the current owners are not hopping mad over this.

I agree enthusiastically that it’s virtually impossible to fly the SR22 and ever say an unkind word…There’s a fix in the works for the starting…but, after awhile, you learn to deal with it (has anyone actually not been able to make a trip because they couldn’t get it started?!). This is the most incredible machine I’ve ever been in contact with and makes everything in the hangar look like antiques…and the “3 figures” paid for this is the best bargain ever in aviation!..check out the price of a new bonanza (1940’s technology) comparably equipped…in fact, check out the price of a USED one 8 or 10 years old…case closed.

my appologies it should be SIL 00-11.

So, as a current SR20 owner, why am I not hopping mad? I’ve had 163CD for over a year now and have never had a problem starting my airplane hot or cold. In Southern California, I do a lot of hot starts on hot days . . . no problem . . . just follow the hot start procedure. In the mountains or in Utah in Winter . . . no problem. . . just pre-heat (I have a Reiff) and use the cold start procedure. I am sure that the engine could be modified to simplify the start ritual . . . but I rather enjoy the idea that one needs to do more than turn the key to bring my bird alive. For special incantations found to augment the hot and cold start procedures please send $40, a SASE and a signed statement that you are over 18 years of age.

I am surprised that the current owners are not hopping mad over this.

They are too embarrassed to admit they spent that much for a plane that won’t start.

It is hard to be ‘hopping mad’ when these airplanes have so much to offer over and above what has been available before SRxx. I could give you an EXTREMELY long list of things purchasers of new (old) Cessnas should be ‘hopping mad’ over, like AD after AD after AD… I met a guy on the ramp the other day with a severe envy condition regarding our SR22. After talking to him for about 20 minutes, he mentioned he owned the 1 1/2 year old Saratoga sitting next to the -22. He was totally fed up with SBs and ADs. The way I see it, this is a very minor negative mixed in with a whole lot of very positive attributes.

I appologize for the incorrect continental service letter. It should be SIL 00-11 not SA 01-10. but in any case I would rather have 10 cirrus annuals in my shop, than to have a cessna or piper (the AD and S/B nightmares of aviation) in my shop. I think that the cirrus design co. has built an excellent aircraft and it is worth every penny.