Cirrus vs Socata

Hallo, I am planning to aquire a Cirrus, I also have looked at the Socata Trinidad TB 20. Is there anyone in this forum with experience in both type of aircrafts. Please comment.

I currently own a Tobago TB200 and have about 150 hours in a TB21. I like the TB series of aircraft and faced a similar choice.

The Trinidad has much to recommend it. It has a 50-inch wide cabin, steerable nosewheel, manual trim wheels in addition to electric, Lycoming engine and a good selection of avionics options. There is quite a bit of room in the central stack for toys. I’ve found factory support to be excellent and the aircraft to be of overall good quality. Some options are available for the Trinidad that are not available for Cirrus. These include TKS ice protection (not US certified, however) and air conditioning.

While I have found the Tobago to be quite comfortable, Clyde complains endlessly about the back seat. Clyde also complains about California cabernets, however.

At the end of the day, I opted for an SR22. I was motivated primarily by performance and the parachute. The SR22 just screams compared to a TB20.

I have owned A 95 tb20 and 91 tb20 that one with full TKS and they are nice airplanes befor that 81 172 also anice plane and as I said before if i did not think I could ever like aplane as much as the trinidad i do like the sr20 as much and I will tell you after I havee acouple hundred ours anther tear from now how it all worked out. But so far it wis great and near the same performance on 3 gal less per hour.And 100,ooo.oo less thats alt of money and as far as room the sr20 has about the same as the new gt trinida I demo one the controls are heavyer and I like the open panal of the sr20.Although the trinidad panal is very nice also. From Don