Cirrus transition training near Fort Myers?

I will be coming to Cape Coral for a holiday break next october. As CC is just next to Page airfield (Fort Myers) I was somewhat diappointed to see that there is no local Cirrus approved transition course available.
Cirrus website shows a school in Sarasota (1.5 hrs of driving) and two schools in KAPF (45 minutes of driving).
The latter are NAC and REXAIR, both have CSIP´s and Cirrus airplanes for similar rates.
My question to the community:
Which school would you recommend for that specific reason?
No acquisition of other ratings intended.
Any input appreciated…

I have done all of my training at rexair and recommend Nigel. He is an outstanding instructor. It might be a long drive, but I would certainly call them. Good luck!


Nigel is the way to go, hands down.

His undergraduate degree is in aviation and he spent about a year after school working for Cirrus, flying planes

He knows the systems inside and out. He is just great.


Just an added FYI. I rented Rex Airs 22 last week…they no longer have a 20 on flight line…22 was nice. Early vintage,

I have to agree with the other posts… the drive to RexAir is worth it. I took a week off this past January from New Jersey and spent it flying every day with Joel and Nigel. I have plenty of flying experience in singles but never sat in a Cirrus prior to that weekend. Only prep I did prior to the trip was read a lot about the airplane, fill in blanks in a workbook I found online, highlight sections I read that made no sense to me at the time, and try to memorize a bunch of V-speeds for the airplane. Ended the week with a Cirrus Transition Cert, BFR, and an IPC in their SR22 with all my questions answered. My interaction with everyone there was positive. My suggestion is you give them a call. I spoke to Lisa during the planning stage of my adventure to Florida and she made sure everything and everyone was ready. Best of all these are one of the nicest bunch of folks you will meet in general aviation. Good luck and enjoy your holiday break… Ken

I agree with Rexair too ! I did my instrument rating with them a few years ago in a Cirrus. They had a good professional set up back then - they are not a big organization which I felt was a good thing …