Cirrus needed in Florida March 2010

Hi All,

I’m trying to get hold of a Perspective in Florida to finish off an instrument rating for my student.

He’ll be all signed off and ready to go, but needs to do some familiarzation before the test of the Florida area because we are based in the UK.

Unfortunately the Training Centers that have the right aircraft have an issue with me doing the flying due to the insurance companies saying that they will not insure another instructor outside the company. Can any private owner who has a Perspective in Florida or nearby help out at all?

John Page

Hi John,

Did you try Rexair in Naples KAPF? It would seem that all your student should need is a checkout in the airplane then he can rent it. He already has an FAA certificate so I wouldn’t think there is a problem. But then I’ve been wrong before.


Hi Larry,

I’ll give it a go, but usually they wont rent an SR22 without an instrument rating. We’ll see. Thanks for the name.

They do have one, I have emailed them. Thanks Larry.

But still, if any private owner would like a bit of rental then contact me. I’ll look after it!!!