Platinum Aviation KFXE closing

Greetings all I after many years of flying inactivity I now have a fresh BFR from American Flyers at KPMP. I was planning on starting instrument training at Platinum Aviation at KFXE with the aspirations of transitioning into a Cirrus sometime in the next year or so. Upon contacting them I learned that they have ceased operations. Would anyone have any information on this or any suggestions as to where I might obtain instrument training in a Cirrus in south Florida? Thank you in advance for any suggestions. Tim Williams


There are several threads discussing the situation with Platinum on the “members” side of the forum. There are several fine schools at a variety of airports in the area, but since you’ve been working with American Flyers, why not just do it there and transition afterwards?

Think he is trying to find a school with a Cirrus…(limits his possibilities significantly)

"with the aspirations of transitioning into a Cirrus sometime in the next year or so’

You might try contacting Nathan Zucker, Steve Lovello, Wes Popplewell or Jack Boyd - all ex-Platinum-CFIIs, all involved in trying to continue offering Cirrus flight training in the greater Miami area, all very experienced Cirrus instructors. Goggle will find them.

Thank you all for these valuable suggestions! I have been thinking about it and for me it probably makes the most sense to stay with AF. They have a turnkey operation and seem well organized and thorough. I will be keeping an eye out for Cirrus training in south Florida, though, and hopefully at some point it will make sense for me to become a full member of COPA! Thank you again for reaching out to a complete stranger. Kind regards to all. Tim

Dear Dennis,

I found this conversation and it fits to my problem as well.

I need an Cirrus for rent in AUgust this year in Florida, ideally in Miami. We want to explore Florida and Bahamas.

We are a faliy from Germany and I`m an owner of a G3 Turbo Perspective.

Any idea whom to contact?

Thank you very much for your support


Dare To Dream at FXE has been solid, they have a really nice FIKI SR22 available as well…