Cirrus Intro flight in Florida


First post here, I normally frequent Pilots of America but I had a question about the Cirrus that not many could answer. I live in the Tampa Florida area and I was wondering if there is a place in my area that does intro flights in a Cirrus? I was on the Cirrus website and contacted all of the emails in my area and most of them bounced back. I have never been in a Cirrus but I hear it’s amazing and I would like to see for myself.

Thank you in advance for your input!

Me too. Would also like to find a CFI who trains in a Cirrus.

They have a Cirrus based at Clearwater Air Park (KCLW).

Thank you. I will come over from Melbourne and get an hour in and see if this is the airplane for me. Then I will look for someone on the east coast that will give me the flight training.

Happy Thanksgiving…


I contacted them and we will see if they respond.

Thanks for the input!

I really don’t know anything about them. I was at CLW last week and someone told me it was for rent… I am part time at KTPA and am happy to let you check mine out or chat if you have trouble.

Thanks for the offer,

I’m right next to 48X (Airport Manatee). I still have time, I can wait until Sun and Fun to check them out while I continue to take my flight lessons, (First time at Sun and Fun this year on Sunday, next time I’m going for the entire weekend).

I just want to weigh all options when I purchase which will be as soon as I finish my IFR. I would like to fly Mooney, Cirrus and Diamond DA.

Welcome to COPA!

I hope you can find a plane to rent down there. You would think there would be a few…

Thank you. If I don’t I’ll let you know and we’ll figure out something that works. Appreciate the help. Happy thanksgiving.

Hey…I’m not aware of a Cirrus to rent, but know that Kaitlin is trying to add a Cirrus to her flight line.

If you desire to just take a flight in a Cirrus, let me know and we can go for a flight…I’m at Whitted (KSPG).


I know,

There is one at Clearwater Airport KCLW I sent my info, hopefully they will return my call.

Thanks for the welcome!


I frequent there all the time, For lunch I will park at the Hangar Restaurant parking lot and watch all of the planes fly by. I like how they keep that area well kept! Thank you for the invite, I will consider it!


I just wanted to update everyone and let them know that I found a place that does intro flights for 139! (SR22) PM me if you would like more info.

Thank You!