Cirrus training in the bay area

Can anyone refer me to a reasonably priced FBO or school or FBO that rents Cirrus in the Sf bay area? I’m looking for an affordable way to transition to a Cirrus.



“Reasonably priced” and “SF Bay Area” are terms not usually used in the same sentence. Having said that, West Valley seems to have the most Cirri on the flight line. Advantage Aviation at PAO has a few too.

Not to be flip, but there’s no “affordable way” to transition to a Cirrus short of finding an owner who will let you use his/her plane on a cost-sharing basis.

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Cirrus Aircraft has a “Locator” on their website, you can filter results after you put in your zip code:

As others have said, reasonably priced is a relative thing but I did my transition training in Livermore with Jeff Willwerth at Harbinger Aviation. Great instructor and affordable rental prices on nice aircraft.

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I’ll set you up with John Ewing in the east bay. Have Dennis send you my info

In addition to the others mentioned, also take a look at JATO, which currently has 5 Cirrus aircraft available for flight training:

Note that WVFC, although a great club with great instructors (including mine), is down to a single SR20 G1 and three SR22’s at the moment (one of the TNs has been offline for several months).

And +1 to joining COPA. You’ll learn as much from the forum archives as from your transition instructor.