Anyone in Palo Alto?

Looking to hitch a ride in a Cirrus as I’ve never flown one before and would like to see how I like it compared to the Socata I flew recently. Lunch my treat for the demo.

Hi Ben,

Hope you will join the forum.

Contact CSIP Greg West at West Valley Flying Club. Greg is a COPA member and an awesome Cirrus instructor. He will help you arrange a demo flight through West Valley, and help you get set up with the club. West Valley is where I learned to fly, and picked up my first Cirrus hours.

Warmest wishes,



I would be happy to give you a ride but I’m way over here is Wisconsin. Too bad. I like free food![:P][pi]


I could give you a ride , but you will have to get to OZ . I also owned a TB20 before Upgrading to the Cirrus . I see the questions you have been asking on , the answers your getting from people that can’t afford a Cirrus are entertaining …

I’m not Ben but I will take that ride! Now I just have to get there!![:^)]