Cirrus SR22 Cost per hr

What would you say the cost per hr is in your experience is?

The first rule of flying is you never talk about your cost per hr
Second rule is not to talk about cost per hr

In all seriousness, it’s around $200/hr from my estimate. I’m sure there will be many other comments on this with most of them saying “search the forums”.


Currently -$110 per hr based on 200 hrs per year…assuming you cashed out and sold the a/c at the end of the year.

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So many variables and assumptions go into this calculation that it is possible to get wildly different answers.
The turbo i fly is burning $100 an hour in gas alone right now.


You might want to check out this thread, among many others.

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We are in a weird timeframe where you might figure in APPRECIATION per hour and deduct that.

I point that out because the depreciation on anything newish was always the biggest expense.


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Hi Alex,
Are you just wanting to know about consumables. or do you want to include things like depreciation, loans, hangar space, etc?

Just off the top of my head (no science or math here), I thin that if you planed to fly 150 hours per year you could safely plan on $200/hr to cover fuel, oil and annual…maybe a bit less.

how much for fuel an hr



Figure 15 gallons per hour at $6/ gallon = $90 -

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What about with depreciation, loans, hangar space, etc?
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Well, that’s beyond my pay grade.

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The biggest factor in cost per hour is how much you fly! Many fly 200h per year at half the cost of us that average about 100h

Take a look at rental rates and you can get an idea…. Nobody’s getting rich renting planes

Pay cash for a $250k plane and fly it 300 hrs per year for nearly free per hour ($200ish wet)
Buy a new $1.25m plane and fly it 60h per year and you are deep into jet charter cost per hour!

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First you have to buy…. New 22 is about $150k down and $4k a month.

Then insurance and hanger. As a low time VFR pilot my insurance is about $1700/month. A hanger if you can get one where I live is $1500/month.

I average about 15 GPH when you average start up, taxi, departure/climb, cruise and landing.

Oil is perhaps a quart every 5 hours.

Under warranty my 50 hour was only $550. Annual should be several thousand.

After the initial shock of down payment, total fixed is $7300/month. Consumables perhaps $76/hour.

If I’ve calculated correctly while multitasking, at 240 hours a a year, I am all in at $464.50hour.

For perspective, my plane would lease for $400/hour dry. So at 20 hours a month, I come out ahead. (Again, after surviving the down payment.)


Follow up thought. Not unlike owning a duplex and having your mortgage covered by your tenant next door, by leasing my plane roughly 25 hours a month, I get to fly a “free” plane.

I resisted this but business slowed to where tough decisions were made. Now I am at peace and perhaps wish I’d done sooner.

I did get lucky on my only lessee. An ex-marine and pro pilot who is a CFI, heli pilot, and flies a citation for a living. 800 Cirrus hours. In other words my plane is statistically safer with him than with me! :slight_smile: