Cirrus Pre-Race Party for Red Bull Air Race VIP Pass

Got my Cirrus VIP pass for the pre-race party today. Did you get yours?

If not, it is probably because you did not register on the site in the Migration instructions for the Cirrus registration. Just doing migration registration is not doing the Cirrus pre-race registration.

Looks like it is going to be a great event.

I did. Looks like it is one pass per “family,” as they will issue passes for the rest of your guests at the site.

“If you indicated in your registration that you will be bringing a guest(s), they will receive their guest passes upon arrival to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Guest passes are not included in this pre-race packet.”

The enclosed information document had this under SPECIAL ACTIVITIES: “A limited number of names will be drawn for two 165mph laps around the track!”

All registered but how about transportation from M12 to the event?

If you click on the event in your guidebook, the transportation arrangements are described. Busses will be available for 4:00 departure from the GVR.

Did you get it via snail mail?

I registered long time ago but didn’t get it yet.


Snail mail Wednesday


Alex I will sneak you in. I know a guy[;)]

Thanks for clarifying this. I registered some guests and received only one pass, although it was a pretty fancy looking metal VIP pass. Maybe they decided to only let people in that buy new airplanes[:P]

I only got one pass, as well. Wasn’t planning to attend, since my lovely date could not join me - and would be pissed. smile.

Attending the red bull event, just wasn’t worth having to spend the night on the sofa in the hotel lobby. :wink:


What’s happening there exactly at that event? Vegas on a Friday night is also pretty tempting.

As Gordon said, COPA is providing buses to take our entire group up to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We’ve rented five (!) 56-pax coaches that will leave GVR at 4:00 p.m. Those same coaches will leave the raceway to take us back to GVR at 8:00 p.m. And … they are very nearly full! People who sign up at the last minute (or didn’t sign up at all when they registered) may have to find alternate transportation. Several times, we’ve sent Cirrus copies of our attendance list to compare with theirs…


John, If you registered your guest with both COPA and Cirrus they can come. Their passes will be handed out at the event. They just sent the one VIP pass in the snail mail.

Curious - Then why did you sign up for the event during registration? Was it “maybe” at that time?

I registered both with COPA and Cirrus for myself and two guests. I have the confirmation emails from both COPA and Cirrus, but have not received anything in the mail from Cirrus.


Hey, Scott! I wouldn’t worry too much. Despite being one of the first to register, I haven’t received anything either… [:S]


Just now going to register for Migration and Red Bull etc. hope they have a way to deal w/ late sign ups as I’m leaving in the morning & won’t see snail mail for a while.

When I go to the link, it goes to a Cirrus page w/ event tab that has a link to Migration registration. Where is Red Bull party & race sign up ?

Guess it is sold out or due to logistics Cirrus has taken down the registration site.