How to register for Red Bull party & race?

Well, maybe ‘watch the race’. maybe it’s too late for pre-race party, but I would think attending races on Sun. Would still be avail, but I can’t find anything… I’m sure it is simple, but …


Ok, even if it’s not simple I’ll try to follow directions, but, that means someone has to give directions… & that would be…

When you register for migration there is an option to add the Race tix on Sunday. The COPA package includes general admission tix and the bus ride from GVR. We have a rental car and are just going to get the tix at the gate and sit with the COPA folks this way we avoid the bus.[H]


To get instructions you have to be clear with your question. This is COPA not Cirrus. Do you want to participate in the COPA Migration or just the Cirrus Pre-Race Party and the Red Bull Air Race? If you do not want to participate in any of the COPA Migration events, then you can register with Cirrus for the Pre-Race party and arrange your own transportation. Your Cirrus Sales Rep can give you the link and information or you can search the M12 threads and Migration Registration site and it is posted there. If you want to attend the Red Bull Air Race, you can go to their web site and buy tickets and arrange your own transportation.

Now if you want to attend the COPA Migration, then go to the Migration Registration site which has been active for over 5 months and all the information and sign up data is there. Of course at this late date, the migration committee had to contract for bus transportation to both events and that has to be done in advance so you may not be able to register for riding on that transportation.

So the real question is why did you wait till this late date to ask and register.

Short answer is I’m in business for myself. Long answer, trying to schedule around 3 arbitrators, 4 lawyers, 10 depositions, 3 expert witnesses, 6 witnesses, & only a few boxes of documents kept me from registering because it seemed impossible. Last minute alignment of ducks allowed for a clean shot, so…

I did register for Migration & Resort accommodations. Didn’t see anywhere in Migration registration for anything re: Red Bull. The Races etc. were a big pull for me. Pretty sure I would have seen it given my interest. I called the COPA number but just got a recording. So, still trying to go to Pre Race party w/ COPA and see the races on Sunday w/ COPA. How to do so at this stage ?

Another “real question” is why do you have to be a pedantic dick in answering Randy’s simple question?

Lots of us, like me, are doing our best to rearrange our lives so that we CAN make it Migration. Do you still want us to come or should we not bother if we didn’t book 5 months ago?

Just went back through Migration registration & there is not any reference to Red Bull. Before you click on the register button, there is mention of that option at $66, along w/ mention of the maintenance clinic & rust removal flights. During registration the maintenance clinic was showing as full & one could get on cancellation list. Nothing re: Red Bull. Still looking for how to ‘do’.

this is a link that takes you to cirrus, someone I suppose is in charge of registration hope that helps. earlier there was a place that asked how many people you wanted to bring can not seem to find it now. Hope it works for you


That link took me to sending an email to info@cirrus. Was that what you intended? Guess I’ll try, am certainly surprised I can’t get info from COPA. Actually I’m amazed !

Yes they were aware of the races and pre party and put my name on the list. know it is round about but maybe it will work for you


Thanks ! Sent email, will see what happens w/ address ! Didn’t even know I had such a thing !

The UX needs some work. You have done a lot setting things up and can’t be expected to get all of it right alone. I found the signup/reg tough and I’m searching COPA threads via icopa to figure out how to signup for the redbull thing. Would have been great if you just simply posted the link to this guys question.

It may be that Cirrus has taken the link down. HERE is Craig’s post and link that I used to register a few weeks ago. Now, there is no mention of registering for the pit party.

Keith and Robert,

I am not sure why the link on the registration is not working. As for friday night, I am sure there will be room on one of the buses headed to the speedway, and someone will get you in if all else fails. You could always call Craig Albright if you have questions.

in regards to the races on Sunday, I am not sure why the COPA registration is not working(definetly not a IT guy) but worse case senario we can get you a ride to the races and then just buy the air race tickets normally at the gate. It is just general admission tix.



John- I am sorry. That is one of the biggest AH answers I have ever seen… You are suppose to be a leader and not a lecturer. The man asked a simple question and you give a shitty, condescending answer. Would like to be a little more tactful with this post, but sometimes people like you need to hear it like it really is-just answer the man’s question-don’t lecture.


You say you read the migration site. Did you read this part on the Social Activities (See Below)? Craig spent considerable time trying to provide all the information that Attendees would need to decide to go and what activities were taking place. He then posted on this FORUM about how to register. I agree that having to register with CIRRUS For THEIR party added complexity. Don’t know what you expect COPA to do about that. There also has to be a STOP time since COPA and CIRRUS had to order Buses and food. It appears that Cirrus has removed their registration site and Craig has removed NEW registrants from indicating they want to ride on the bus. I think you need to think about what it takes to host an event. Last minute decisions by potential attendees are very hard to accomodate. I think Craig went out of his way to try and get all possible attendees to register. You could have chosen to register on time and then cancel if you could not attend. Yes, it would have cost you some $ for canceling. You can still attend the Red Bull Air Race on Saturday or Sunday, by going to their site and buying a ticket there. You would have to provide your own transportation.

To Robert and other. I didn’t know what Randy was asking for. I couldn’t tell what his question was. I am sorry you think my answer was not compassionate. Maybe my straight forward style is not to your liking, but at some point people have to know they need to do what event organizers ask. Heck we even have people show up at Regional events that did not register. Makes it very hard on an event organizer when they show up and hard to be rude and turn them away.

Craig removed the link to Buses and other activities 15 days before the event Robert. I don’t think that is unreasonable. Maybe you should be on the Migration Committee and you can run the program for late deciders.

I hope you do come.

I also went back and read Randy’s question. I can’t tell if he wanted to attend migration or get info on CIRRUS and RED BULL events. I think I provided him with exactly the info that no one else had done for a day. Going forward I will just let them go unanswered.

Just did google search. Have you gone here:

You will have to provide your own transportation as the bus order has been done by Craig. Think some here have said they might give you a ride.


As I was answering Randy’s question in a separate thread, I also saw this one. I’m going to repeat my post to Randy over here as well…

The Red Bull “pre-race party” and race, itself, are two separate events, both related to the RBAR event being held in Las Vegas the same weekend as Migration. The Party is hosted by Cirrus Aircraft on their own. According to Cirrus , it’s invitation-only … and COPA attendees are among the invited guests. Cirrus has (or had) their own sign-up website. (Other people will attend their event in addition to COPA attendees.) There was very little coordination with the M12 Planning Team (in this case, me). We know very little about what they have planned… Megan Timm of Cirrus Aircraft handled the enrollment process on their end of things; COPA is only providing the transportation.

Weeks ago, I received an email “blast” from Cirrus saying they were about to close their registration. I have no idea how many people received it or who were the intended recipients. I’ll send Megan Timm an email later today (Sunday 10/5) and see what can be done regarding last-minute enrollments by COPA members. If we have only a few, maybe they will accommodate us…

The Red Bull Air Race (RBAR) finals are on Sunday and have little to do with Cirrus’ party on Friday night. (Well, that’s not quite true since the party is being held in the “pits”, there will be planes nearby, and some of the race pilots will attend Cirrus’ party.) So, we thought it would be fun to take several bus-loads of COPA folks up to the races. Originally, Cirrus talked about having COPA be in a VIP area. But, for several reasons, that didn’t happen. So, the M12 Planning Team regrouped and has arranged for buses and general admission tickets on Sunday. Of course, nothing in Vegas (or anywhere else) is free. So, participation in the optional Sunday RBAR race event is something people sign up for during M12 registration (via our website). Originally, I speculated that we’d have 40-50 people stay for the race finals. (People have said they want Migration to be a 2-3 day event. Considering our Thursday preMigration activities, the race finals are on Day 4.) I completely underestimated the interest level. And, at this point, our two 66-pax buses are full, and a few late-comers are making plans to drive up on their own. GVR is a long ways from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where the races are being held. The bus ride is probably ~45 min.

Again, what’s being discussed are two separate events - one organized by Cirrus Aircraft and one organized by COPA. They are unrelated as far as planning is concerned. In both cases, COPA is paying for transportation. That’s why we have the registration options on our website - we need a headcount to determine bus requirements. Cirrus staged their own website, and requested that we providing a link to it which we did. They provided a few descriptive words regarding the party, as well. Cirrus needs to provide food, beverage, seating and all of the other logistics associated hosting a very large party. They want/need to control the associated tasks. And, we are some of their guests. It’s their show.

Again, I’ll send Megan Timm an email later this morning and see what can be done regarding last-minute enrollments by COPA members. Unlike a few folks who have posted regarding receipt of their formal invitations, I haven’t received mine. So, who knows? Maybe I’ll wind up enjoying some Las Vegas nightlife instead! [;)]

Stay tuned (and try to relax a bit). If I receive word from Megan, I’ll post the answer here…



OK. Here’s Megan’s response from a few moments ago:

Hi Craig,

We have an email scheduled for Monday that provides parking and ticketing details for Friday night. We just received those last week. This email will go to all those who have registered. That would be the formal invite you may be thinking of.

Can you provide Ashley, who is cc’d here, a copy of names and emails of those folks who didn’t register, but would still like to attend? She’ll need that by Monday 8 am central, as the email is scheduled to go out at 10 am central.

Any folks even after Monday, are welcome to come. But we need to have their names and emails. We will send one more reminder on Wednesday.

If there are last minute folks on Friday itself, please send us those names. At the check in tent, we will be verifying folks against our RSVP list.

Thanks Craig,


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Since Ashley is expecting an email from me, here’s what I’d like anyone to do that has not registered for Cirrus’ Pre-Race Party and would like to attend:

  • Send an email directly to me at . Don’t send me a PM. Don’t post info here on the COPA website. Just send me an email. Do this now! I’m giving two flight lessons tomorrow with the first one starting at 1430Z. I need to send the info to Ashley before I leave home in the morning. Note that Ashley needs the info before 8:00 a.m. Central.
  • Be sure and include your name! I will give the necessary address to Cirrus from your email.
  • After Monday, Megan plans to send out another reminder email on Wednesday. They are even accepting names/addresses up to Friday. However, I’ll be too busy at that point to worry about this particular issue…
    At the moment, the five buses we have going up to the Pre-Race Party on Friday are FULL. Admittedly, there may be last minute member cancellations that open up a space or two. But, I wouldn’t count on it! And, adding a partially filled bus (or minicoach) only 4 days before Migration probably is probably impossible. I suggest that late registrants consider sharing a cab or rental car.

I await your emails…