Cirrus MMU at CMA this weekend

The Cirrus Mobile Marketing Unit will be at Camarillo Airport (CMA) this Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, 10/18-19/2002. It will be located at Channel Islands Aviation, near the restaurant. Cirrus demonstrator aircraft will be there as well.

Demo flights may be available. Contact Walt Conley at or 831-206-9385 for details.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a Cirrus and you can get to CMA this would be a great time to take a closer look.

Mobile Marketing Unit

aka the BFT.

The Cirrus event at Camarillo turned into a COPA mini fly-in, with the demo airplanes (one SR20 and one SR22) outnumbered by the owner-flown Cirri. The skies were full of SR2x’s, making a “fiberglass overcast.”
David Raab flew in from Corona with his SR20, Ed Boland and Rik Vanooteghem trekked down from San Jose with a planeful of kids in their SR22, Glenn “Ozzie” Beltz and Danielle “Sharon” Swiontek made it all the way from Santa Barbara in our SR20, and SR22 position holder Mike Nagy drove in with his charming family (and with barely concealed excitement — he gets to go to Duluth to take delivery in just a few weeks).
If you haven’t seen the Cirrus BFT (if anyone asks, that stands for Big Flight-oriented Trailer) or gotten to try the CAPS handle in the SR2x mockup in the BFT, you must! Look for 'em at AOPA in just a few days.