Incredible NEW "Aviation Lifestyle Organization" coming to KSMO & KVNY and we need your Cirrus SR20/22

Hey Guys,

We have a new club that I’ve coined as an Aviation Lifestyle Organization (essentially a new breed of flying club), coming to SoCal. We are looking for a leaseback on an SR20 and SR22 (non-turbo only) for the club, which DOES NOT do any primary flight training in these aircraft. Our team oversees a very thorough maintenance program, controls scheduling and ensures all pilots are properly checked out by experienced CSIP instructors on a regular basis. No stone left unturned.

This is a very special club that is worlds apart from the norm with a focus on giving back to the community and inspiring others to believe in all the great things that General Aviation brings to our world.

To find out more, please connect with me at


Michael Winestone

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Michael - student pilot here based out of KSMO wondering if you are still operating this club. Thanks.

So I’d suggest CalAir at Hawthorne which isn’t SMO but I made the drive up from OC because worth it. Fun fact: I’m 99% sure the pic in Michael’s profile is taken on CalAir’s ramp with MikeJuliet in the back (which the sold a few years ago).

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Good Call Chris. :slight_smile:

This post was from back in 2015. Unfortunately the club never got off the ground as my co-owner ended up moving to Carlsbad and joined Plus One. :frowning:

That said, I’m currently considering purchasing a G2 (SR22) and leasing it to small group of carefully selected folks to help keep the plane operating regularly. No flight training though. Once you get your Private, hit me up and we can discuss.


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I’ll check them out, thanks for the pointer.

Ever hear anything good or bad about Proteus at SMO?

Thanks for replying. Sounds like a plan, I’ll do that. The later gen SR22 is what I have in mind as well.

Maybe me, if I can’t seem to get to their website.

Proteus is great. They have a solid fleet and nice facility.


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Very interested in hearing about this. Would like to purchase or get a dry lease on a SR22.

Please email me at

Thank you.