Cirrus Events at AOPA Expo

Cirrus Design Corporation Events at AOPA Expo
Cirrus Design has several events planned for the upcoming AOPA in Palm Springs, CA on OctoberParade of Planes. For you early birds, the AOPA “Parade of Planes” starts at 2:00 on Wednesday, October 23. SR2X street taxiing techniques will be demonstrated. (Presumably not by Tom Bergeron, last year’s wingtip durability demonstrator. [:)])
Convention exhibit. Cirrus will not have a booth inside the Convention Center this year, instead opting to park the Mobile Marketing Unit trailer and several airplanes outside on the ramp where the aircraft are displayed. Please refer to the map attached to this post for the location of the Cirrus Design exhibit.
Book Signing by Jim Fallows. James Fallows will be at the Cirrus exhibit (the MMU) on Thursday, OctoberPress Conference with Lionel Morrison. The only person on Earth to ride a production airplane to the ground under canopy will participate in a presentation about the amazing but true event. This will be held in the Press Conference Room from 4:30 to 6:00 on Friday, October 25. Paul Johnston, the engineer who engineered the parachute system for Cirrus aircraft, will give a presentation that I understand is quite entertaining and remarkable.
COPA Meeting. Last but not least, donÂ’t forget to join us at the COPA meeting on Saturday,
October 26, from 11:00 to 1:00, at the Palm Canyon room at the Hilton. (The Hilton is less than a block away from the convention center.) Avidyne will make a presentation of their Entegra PFD and Datalink weather system, with a Q&A opportunity. Following that, Alan Klapmeier and Ian Bentley of Cirrus Design will be available for an open session to discuss any and all things Cirrus.
See you all there!

(And I didn’t once refer to the MMU as the BFT! [;)] )