Seeking SR22 or SR20 Lease Opportunity

Hello fellow COPA members, I am in search of a Cirrus owner interested in potentially adding another pilot/'s for the purpose of offsetting their ownership cost (generating cash inflow, reducing expenses, saving cash outflow etc), not making sufficient use of their aircraft or whatever the reason. In short, I’d be interested in a dry hourly and or month to month fixed/ annual lease options. I’ve had great experience in such arrangements in the past and am eager in finding a new partner soon. Please contact me if interested or if you know of someone that is. The most logical outcome would be me finding someone within my local area i.e near Scottsdale-AZ, however, am open to speaking with anyone out of state interested in the aforementioned.

I am interested in/suggesting the following arrangements:

  1. Dry lease option per hour at one of the below mentioned airports (see #3)

  2. Or -Month to month fixed lease (i.e 12 month with max annual agreed upon hours flown)

  3. Location: Scottsdale, AZ, Chandler AZ, Falcon Field AZ, Deer Valley AZ,

  4. Aircraft Type: A/C preferred – Cirrus SR22 (NA or Turbo) and or SR20, Diamond DA 40, possibly other aircraft types as well.

  5. Insurance: Adding me to their existing policy (my expense)

  6. If from out of state, I am also willing in taking over other costs such as hanger fees, basic small maintenance related aspects etc.

Please contact me if interested or if you know of someone that is.