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I am in the process of buying a G5 SR22T! Finally! Lol. My question is this. The insurance is ridiculously high. Is there any ability to get liability only and self insure? Will insurance companies allow this? Can the whole thing be self insured? (I realize this is not ideal and not what I want to do, but in the chance that insurance underwriters wont let me get liability only, it may become an option until I can build a few hours in type.). and yes, the plane is paid in full. Thanks,


There is no requirement to carry insurance.

I would not want to think about how it might make me respond in a crisis situation, however.

I would think you could get liability only. Obviously, someone much smarter than me will be along shortly. :slight_smile:

How much time do you have? Are you instrument rated? What are the numbers you have been quoted?

For whatever reason the quote i received from nation air has me with 1000 hours and 25-100 make and model depending on which insurer i choose. It’s also written for private and instrument. Its 14,500-16,750 again depending on the insurer.

However, i currently hold a private license only and about 300 hours. I have had some instrument training, but have about 15 hours left before a check ride. I know my numbers are low and i expect higher numbers, but 16000 dollars seems a bit much.

thanks for the help

Get an IFR rating and they will come down.

Call braymar and asociates and ask for ian great people and great service I have 350hrs and 110 in type f0r a sr22 2003 at 175,000 value with a premium of 2200 thier no is 1-805-237-0666 wes banks also included mexico coverage…

Im working on that. Thats why I only have the 15 hrs left. Lol

I will call them tomorrow Wes. Thanks

the logical decision is to get your IFR done before taking delivery.

and there are numerous insurance brokers on the paid member site that will love to have your business!


The deal with the SR22 is that the insurance companies want to see 500 total time hours and an instrument rating to give good rates. If you have neither they jack up the rates.

It’s not that easy if you already have engaged NationAir to get quotes for you. As reference I use NationAir for my 2004 G2 (Hull 185k) with a 20 year old pilot that has about the same hours as Wes with 1mm smooth and my rate is lower. It’s not NationAir but your hours and hull value causing the higher rate I bet.

I just went through this (and i’m an insurance agent). Some of the biggest factors are Total Time… then IFR rating… and a biggie is Time in Type. Some companies will combine the Total Time and Time in Type. My quote from Nation Air with a 2007 Cirrus G3 SR22TN was $3800. 225 total 100 In Type w/IFR. Some companies will give a discount for the Transition Training as well.

Good luck with the new purchase!

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Hi Jason,

Kelly Shillito from NationAir. I would like to clarify your concerns. The Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, 1000 total hours and 25 in make and model is the Open Pilot Provision with London Aviation provided in your proposal. This has nothing to do with your Certificate and Ratings. This Open allows any pilot meeting these provisions to fly your aircraft without being added to your policy. When you approached me in April, you advised you had a Private Pilots License with 76 total hours and 2 in the make and model. I also advised you with this proposal that once you build up total time and obtain an instrument rating the premiums would go down. I would be more than happy to obtain a quote for you with your updated hours. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Short answer - yes, of course you can get liability only - just like a car.

Thanks guys. Lots of great suggestions. I really appreciate the help!

I started out at $5800 first year for a 2006 (this was in 2010) working on my PPL with about 50 hrs total time. Rate progressively dropped to the point where this past year it was $2700 ($230k hull value). As others have pointed out, key progress points to lowering rates are: Instrument rating and 500 hours time in type. Instrument rating is key, though.

And depending on how persuasive your broker is with the underwriter, getting your instrument rating early in the year may even result in a rebate for the remainder of the year. Mine made that happen several years ago when I got an instrument rating within 4 months of buying my Cirrus with just 65 hours total time!


Just a data point.

260 hours, instrument rating and no cirrus hours and I got $3149.00 through Leading edge and US Specialty. Hull 240k.

Should be in the 400 to 450 range when t renews. Doubt it will drop all that much. Maybe 100 -200.

Im up for renewal very shortly and travers handled my policy last year… It’s on my to do list to call them … What are IFR rated G5 Turbo pilots paying with 1000 hr + and 800+ make / model ? Smooth coverage only: $1m or $2m
I think my last year quote was $7.5k
Hopefully I’ll see a $6k this year ?