Fractional Cirrus Ownership

OurPLANE, Inc. is hosting a private showing of the new SR-20 & SR-22 from 9:00 to 3:00pm at:
North Las Vegas (VGT) Las Vegas, Nevada on Jan 19th
Montgomery Field (MYF) San Diego, Calif. on Jan 20th

  • Fractional Cirrus OwnershipÂ… AT 20% OF COST!
  • OWN YOUR OWN AIRPLANE and fly when you want, where you want saving over 80% of aircraft costs while fractionally owning and flying a new airplaneÂ… you can afford your own new personal airplane for the price of a car!!
  • Flexible, easy-to-use online PRIORITY Reservation System – available 24 hrs/day with virtually no restrictions. Our aircraft only fly 1.6 hrs/day, so your aircraft is virtually always available!
  • NO hassles, NO responsibilities aircraft ownership, NO surprise maintenance bills, NO insurance bills!
  • FACTORY NEW AIRCRAFT, pride of ownership & safety, full tax deductibility, costing less than owning an old, used aircraft!

I must have mis-clicked. I thought I was on the Public Discussion, not the Marketplace.


Mea Culpa!

Ron sent COPA an email notice of their open house on January 20th. I responded that he should post that on our Public Forum. Knowing that it was a marketing piece, I still thought that many of our members who are waiting for delivery may want to take a look at their SR20 and SR22s.

I didn’t expect such a strong advertisement for the company, but the post was a response to my invitation, so the blame belongs here. I should have been more precise.

Hopefully, (IMHO) Ron’s outfit will be successful and he and COPA will work together to resolve some of the problems we’ve found on Cirrus aircraft.

Marty Ken.

Marty, I think we’ll have to reduce your COPA salary over this event. :slight_smile:


Not Again! It’s been reduced by 20% and 50% already. If I loose more than an additional 30% and I’ll owe COPA money! :slight_smile: