Cirrus G6 ?

Has there been any discussion about the likely date of release of the next Cirrus variant? Cant think what changes could be made as G5 seems to cover everything but i am assuming it will happen shortly as its a good way for the company to move more new aircraft? Any speculation on this?

Yes James. There is a broad range of both knowing and speculation as to present and future events, but it doesn’t happen on the “guest” forum. Most of the discussion occurs in the “Members” section, where there are about one million or so posts. That’s where all of the action and discussion is.

Okay thanks for sharing that :slight_smile: I should have googled it a bit more apologies. For non members interested:

(will become a member shortly when i purchase, thanks for the suggestion)

And to add James, a COPA membership is the best value you will ever find in aviation. The $65 annual membership will be returned tenfold in safety tips, maintenance tips and in great deals with vendors who have signed up to provide discounts to COPA members via the COPA Member Advantage Program. It’s the best $65 bucks you can spend in aviation.

I know the date. I’ll put on my clairvoyant hat and can deduce with high certainty, the G6 will come out Sept 13. The day after I take delivery of my new one.



James, don’t wait until you become an owner to join COPA. You will get your ROI many times over.

trust me. Join now and start reading. I did the same thing you are thinking about doing. It cost me about $20k. Too many things were not caught on my pre buy that i had no idea to look for. Would have learned quick that my issues were all commonly known things to look for. My shop, while claiming to know cirrus, didnt know enough


^This alone is a very sound reason you should join COPA now. As others have said, just the collective load of tricks, tips and sometimes hard-earned wisdom will really help you in your journey into Cirrus ownership. Plus, we know how to how to socialize!

Be safe and have fun,

I also joined before pulling the trigger on my 2003 SR22 factory demo.

It’s how I met Trip Taylor, who was a mere mortal at the time, and who was nice enough to let me fly his SR22 around S FL and encourage me to take the plunge.

Join. It’s a no-brainer.

I’m guessing 1/1/2017 Cirrus will follow the TBM direction and offer the G6.3 or the G6 standard .

Hopefully it doesn’t have a 300k premium like the TBM 930

I ordered mine last August. My delivery date is March. No exact date yet but I can’t wait.