Cirrus Aircraft Use in Charitable Flights

Fellow COPA Members & Guests,

Does any one know if any Cirrus owners who are upgrading to a new Cirrus have any interest in donating their older aircraft to a flying charity?

Stratus Flying, a UK based aviation charity, is expanding it’s operations to the US. Stratus aims to use the power of flight to change lives and is already doing so in the UK. There main missions include flying disabled veterans and terminally ill children to bring hope into their lives, bringing medical care to special needs children or disaster stricken areas and also to fly organs for critical transplant patients among other important causes uniquely served by aviation. Stratus also seeks to inspire the next generation to learn to fly and keep general aviation alive by offering free flying lessons to disadvantaged youth.

If any one has any information or is interested in donating an aircraft or supporting Stratus financially please contact Rick Crook at To learn more about what we are doing to change lives through flight, visit us on the web at

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope to hear from some of you with any ideas, suggestions, etc.


Rick Crook

Director - Stratus US