Cirri in Hawaii?

This is mostly curiousity at this point, but…

a) are there any Cirri in the Islands yet?
b) how does a Cirrus “get there”? I would presume that due to its composite construction (non-removeable wings?) it would be somewhere around “incredibly expensive” to ship one there… Based on some rough math it doesn’t seem possible to fly one there with aux tanks so… How would a would-be Cirrus purchaser get the dang thing over there?

I intend to move over there in the next couple years and am simultaneously fantasizing about Ownership and thus… my questions.


Dave Blevins


I don’t know whether there are any Cirri based in Hawaii, but there are Cirri based in Australia that were flown there by way of Hawaii. ( here for pictures.) So you should have no problem having your Cirrus ferried to you in the 50th state.


Thanks for the reply… I did a little poking around in the articles on this site, and also did a little W&B math, and I don’t understand how an SR20 can be filled up with enough gas to make it.

I’m not very familiar with the process of ferrying an aircraft - I would presume it means (a) getting some kind of waiver to grossly exceed the MTOW, (b) take out a bunch of stuff (seats, beer can holders, etc.), © install ferry tanks and lots and lots of gas, and (d) wait for semi-favorable winds at the cruising altitude.

If that’s how it’s done, it still seems like a tall order. On that SR that was ferried to Australia, they had up to 1278 lbs of gas in an airplane with a 920 lb carry capacity. Add a 200 lb pilot and 5 lbs of sandwiches and that airplane is over normal gross by over 500 lbs.


Dave Blevins