Parachute Repack on a SR20 G-2

Can anyone recommend a good service shop to replace the chute on a SR20 G-2 Airplane. I am looking on the East Coast.

This airplane is also currently for sale.


Pete Kaiser


my SR22 was done the year before I got it, so I have no experience. BUT, the SC I use is Eagle Aviation in Columbia, SC. They have done TONS of repacks. Last time I went in to get oil changed there were doing 4 at one time.

East Coast? That’s a pretty big place. If you want Florida, there are at least 3 service centers who can do that for you; St. Augustine, Miami, Tampa, and no sales tax on the work.

Thanks I will have a look at Eagle.

Thanks, I have talked to SE and Landmark

I recommend Advanced at Lancaster PA - call Joel - 717 735-5179

GREAT customer care - no sales tax !!

standard disclaimer - simply a very satisfied customer!


Then try Pete LoBello at Advanced Aircraft, KTMB

All three have been around a very long time and are authorized to do the chute repack. Not all Cirrus Service Centers can do that particular type of work.

It’s definitly too late to matter on this specific case but for the posterity of the thread in archives…I live in Mesa, AZ but flew my SR20 all the way to Minneapolis for the repack last fall 2014. I shopped and talked to many and the guys at Twin Cities Aviation really impressed me. The quote was lower than all the shops that were closer in proximity and I was impressed with the knowledge and the help as I was a brand new plane owner (first time plane owner AND a new Cirrus pilot). The price differential in fuel to travel 9 hours was saved in the cost of the repack plus I got some really awesome fly time and great views along the way. Highly recommend contacting Stan Ross,, and Twin Cities Aviation at Blaine - great experience all around (except writing that check at the end)!

Just did the repack at Leading Edge Aviation at Tampa Exec. Very professional, done on time no extra costs. Was $15.3 on my G2 SR20. No sales tax in Florida.I keep my plane at Page Field (Ft Myers) during the winter. Shop was filled with Cirrus getting various things done, but I think they have done more than 100 repacks.