Capabilities Spreadsheet

For anyone that’s interested -

I’ve developed a spreadsheet for the SR20 (adaptable for 22) that compares airplane capabilities for various missions - maximizing weight (what is resulting range and duration capability?); maximizing range (what is resulting weight and duration capability?) and maximizing duration (what is resulting weight and range capability?) Looks at SR20 ROP and LOP, SR22, Warrior, and Archer for comparison.

Also has interpolated performance chart, giving odd altitudes.

Finally, has capability to change performance charts for routine shortfall versus book (mine is about 5 knots) as well as impact from LOP operation, reflecting reduced speed and reduced fuel flow.

Not rocket science, but possibly helpful. Please respond via e-mail or this board - happy to share. Usual caveats - no guarantee I didn’t make an input mistake!


Andy - If you do not mind, email your spreadsheet to I pick up N232PL (SR20) next week and would like to compare your performance numbers to the POH sent from CD. Thanks, Walt


Thanks in advance for the work you’ve put into your calculations. I’d appreciate a copy sent to

One more if you don’t mind. Send to Thanks in advance for the research.

Regards, Stuart

Love to take a look at it Andy.


ME too! ME too!
Thanks for your generous sharing of time & effort!

And me too please —

Well, me too! We just got our -22 a week ago and I have been working on this very thing.

Please send a copy of the spread sheet to myself as well.
Much thanks

Clark #765


I would appreciate a copy sent to

Please add me to the list for a copy. Thanks.

One more please! Thank you.

Andy - if its not too much trouble, I’d love a copy as well.


Jim Ostler

I t may not be rocket science but it is still a lot of work and thought. I certainly do appreciate your williness to share your efforts. Please e-mail a copy to
Gerry Hatch SR20 #355

What a great idea and great accomplishment.
Me too, I want one also. Many thanks in advance.
Bruce SR20 368 (& upcoming newsletter producer!)

Andy–Id appreciate a copy

Andy thanks for the offer–please e-mail to –

Dear Andy:

If you are not too sick and tired, please, send me the spreadsheet to

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Andy: Thanks for the work and your generous offer. Please e-mail a copy to

Me too :slight_smile: