Buying SR22 vs SR22T

I am a new pilot in Denver and believe a Cirrus is the right plane. I have 4 kids but realize a trip with the whole family will be a small fraction of the flights I am thinking of a SR22 but cant decide on a turbo or non turbo. Strong opinions on both sides. given i only have 70 hrs, will a turbo be too much plane? I am excited about plane ownership but I am nervous about this first step. I would prefer a split ownership but haven’t found the right partner. I am also looking used. The markets seems to be good for a buyer. would like any thoughts on year to year differences…Thanks for any reply!

How much does you and the kids weigh? And will you be traveling with your wife, thus making 6?

Can you expand on your mission a bit? How long are the flights you envision and what payload do you need to take? How long do you anticipate keeping the plane?

My initial thought is that a T206 would be a very good fit.

Adam First question I have, is what are your planned ‘missions’?
If you plan on some flights to the West, a Turbo will be very handy in climbing over the Rockies. Next is your budget, which only you can answer.
There are a few Flight schools in the Denver area, one that comes to mind is Independence Aviation at KAPA. They teach and rent Cirrus and would be a good place to experience both, as well as get Cirrus specific training.
There is another at Jeffco, (KBJC) but don’t know their name.
If you can afford one, you can easily justify paying for quality training, and get hands on experience aat the same time. Win/win, IMO

Kids are small. Probably about 550 lbs total. I just don’t see that many missions with us all. More of the 400 mile trips with one or two kids. 206 would work but i do like the low wing.

I could envision mountain trips but not until i build hours. I would get a turbo if it didn’t mean a ton of extra cost in maintenence.

Adam, having owned both, I would never go back to a NA airplane. The Turbo (the TAT TN version) is a fantastic airplane.

Really, there are voluminous “Turbo decision” threads on the Members side here, and virtually nothing in the Guest forum. This is an important decision, and you will get about 10 times your $65 worth of information and interaction in the member Forums. Join and reap.

I bought a 22T as a student with 3hrs in type pretty much. The FIKI T is a lot more capable however carrying more than one person is icky. I’ve come to realize the Cirrus is good for small trips with 1-2 passengers.

And a 2001 cirrus is good for 4 people and long trips!