Buying a cirrus which one?

Is there a big difference in performance between a g2 and a g3 non turbo?

Thanks mike

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Try the search function on this matter… Lots and lots of posts on this.


If by performance you mean speed or fuel efficiency, no. Maybe a tiny bit more slippery due to aerodynamic cleanup (esp. wheel pants), opinions seem to vary.


Yes speed, climb. Thx mike

Pretty much the same.


AFAIK, G3 has new wing (with carbon spar), more fuel capacity, a bit longer gear, a bit more ground clearance, more dihedral, elimination of the aileron-rudder interconnect leading to a bit crisper control functions, some interior improvements. Performance-wise, I don’t think there is much difference. Take with teaspoon of salt – I have not flown a G3.

Thank you for that information. Exactly what I was looking for.


Carbon spar on G3 reduced weight a bit. Better fit and finish primarily on wing and wheels. Lighted switches. Speed no difference.

FWIW I found this article on Flying (it is public):

more fuel capacity,

This is the most meaningful one, the difference affecting utility between the G2 and G3.

FIKI also, if you choose.