Bose Customer Service Pirep

I wanted to share the great experience I had with Bose Customer Service. Please read pirep below.

I just got of the telephone with Curtis Jacobbites (Senior Tech Support). I was sharing with him my appreciation for their wonderful service.

I overnighted Friday Sept. 26, a Bose X that I purchased Dec. 2002 for a repair with a problem in the right ear piece. To my great pleasure I received the headset repaired with additional repairs to the left ear piece and new ear piece cushions today Oct. 2. (They sent it back to me Fedex, they obviously knew I needed it for a flight).

Kevin Brochu performed the repairs. Although I have not flown yet today to test them, I must tell you that I am very impressed with the speed at which they handled my warranty headset and I anticipate that Kevin has made them better than new.

Curits was also extremely kind and knowledgeable. He worked with Cirrus on the development of the Bose headset jacks with Cirrus. I took him to the COPA site and he said that he will be posting tech support info on the site for us.

Thank you again Bose for a marvelous product and great customer service!

Warm Regards,

Rick Eiler