Best ADS-B option today

I am original owner of 2005 SR22 with original Avidyne and Non-WAAS Garmin 430’s.

Only modification is an add-on AOA indicator.

The STEC 55X works.

The Garmin Buttons sometimes stick and when new had issues with smoke but Garmin could never find anything wrong and have worked OK except no airways.

Avidyne has worked well and I like but original warranty coverage changed and did not cover magnetometer when failed.

I have been waiting for best ADS-B option and the newest generation navigator to upgrade to WAAS. Many products on market represent technology 10 years old and are all ready almost historical and by today’s standards obsolete.

The Avidyne PFD EXP5000 is firmware R6.2 and the MFD is R8.1.

I would like to make an upgrade to WAAS and meet the ADS-B mandate and give me the best utility and increase value of a/c.

One local avionics shop offered putting the new WAAS antennas under glare shield like the original Cirrus factory installation and others modify aircraft by mounting outside. Which way would you go?

Does ADS-B integrate with the MFD and new navigators so would not need XM weather.

Does my old TCAS still give additional information than ADS-B or should I remove it and save weight and avoid future repairs?

Appreciate any thoughts on how your ADS-B has worked in a G2 and what you might do different today.

I think aviation shops business is really good. I called and emailed the popular Eagle Creek shop and they never replied. Probably value to have work done locally rather than a distant popular shop that is difficult.

You posted in the Guest Forum. Very few members regularly read these posts.

I would recommend you repost in the Avionics or Cirrus Flying Forum where the chance of answers is far greater.

Meanwhile use the Search Function to get links to multiple threads where your questions have already been discussed ad nauseum over the last 4-5 years.

Hey there Dennis. Not sure if you have your ADSB taken care of yet but I do have some options for you that would work well with your Avidyne screens. I am in Conroe TX not sure how far that is from you. I am currently working on becoming an Avidyne dealer and have 6+ years experience installing avionics in cirrus SR20/22’s. If you would like to a quote or to just have a chat about your options send me an email at