Recommended ADS-B Solution

I have started shopping for an ADS-B transponder for my SR20-G2. I what In/out capability and I don’t believe I need the Lynx from L3 since I already have a MFD.

I’d like to hear from those who completed the upgrade.


I have a G2 (Avidyne and dual 650’s) and am still waiting for the right solution for our plane. I believe it will be the Garmin 345 transponder but I’m waiting to see what level of integration it will have with the Avidyne equipmen.

There is lots of discussion of this topic on the paid side of COPA. It is worth every penny. The information found there has saved me thousands over the last 5 years

Hi Jim,

There are a number of posts out there on this decision. I just recently had the G345 installed and I’m very happy with the decision. I too like the Lynx but felt the added costs associated with installation weren’t warranted.

I realize by having a G1 I have the option of placing the iPad on the knee bolster. Not good for you, but there seem to be many posts out there on options here.

A big decision for me was path to future upgrades. I am not a fan of Avidyne company, etc. so I chose something that would still give me integration with current equipment yet tie in with what I would like to do in the future (Garmin). This setup is still very new to me but it has worked flawlessly on first few flights and didn’t require additional antennae installation since it ties into existing GPS and transponder antennae. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Good luck.


I learned that if you have a Garmin GTX330, for about $1,300, Garmin will upgrade the unit with ADS-B out only. Seems the best deal. I can always add the portable Stratus for ADS-B In. But what’s the hurry, I have Skywatch. I filed my FAA rebate and scheduled to get the work done by next month.

That is a great solution if you already have a WAAS receiver and a 330. I did that a couple of years ago. Works great.

It is not possible if you have 327, is it?

No. has to be a GTX330


Who did your work?



Who did your work?


I had my 330ES conversion done at Glendale Aero Service. KGEU.