waas update

Has anyone had trouble with the WAAS update. I have an SR22 and had my updates on both garmin but it does not work properly - supposedly because I do not have the antenna in the right spot. However, I was told that to get it working properly I needed several kits and new antennas at an approximate cost of $8,000.00. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Tons of discussion on this on the Members forums. Here’s a good long thread on the topic.

Hint: A post to the “Cirrus SR” Members forum will get a lot more notice than the Guest forum, since you are a member.

Added: If you only updated your two Garmins and did not update the Avidyne software, your installation isn’t approved for IFR and aircraft is unsafe to fly IFR as you can get erronious indications on an instrument approach. Did a Cirrus SC do the Garmin work? They should know this stuff while other shops probably don’t.



there were some of us with older Cirrus planes that did the upgrade via the 337 route with success. this applies to six-pack planes with the sandel 3308. there are some wiring issues but for at me at least the whole job was done for less than 6K and i find it great.

No, it was not done at a Cirrus Cert. shop, however, since then I have gotten in touch with my Cirrus shop and they were the ones that told me it would be an additional 8g for the update to work properly. Needless to say I was shocked. Thanks for the info. I will check out the members forum.

WAAS involves receiving a geostationary satellite. Receiving it requires better antenna locations. Since the Cirrus is fiberglass a ground plane has to be added for good reception. From what I have read the Cirrus service center is giving you good advice.