Avidyne MFD upgrade

I have an 18 year old MFD in our 2002 G1. It’s going to crap out eventually and I was wondering if anyone has experience with an upgrade/replacement other than an Ipad.

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Craig Reynolds
Key West

Thank you Jim. I am in the process of doing the software upgrade because we are getting the “XM client terminated” message often. I am hopeful that the upgrade will fix that.

I too have thought about just fixing it when it craps out. I hear Avidyne has a warranty for units that have been out there for a while. You can buy it as long as it doesn’t have any issues at the time of purchase. I’m considering.

The Garmin TXi is an interesting option. That’s what I was looking for.


Anybody out there upgraded to the Garmin TXi? If so, does it have the same leaning assist capabilities on teh engine page?

Hi Craig,

There are a couple of upgrades to the Avidyne MFD. First off, you can get software revision 8.2.2 which (when coupled to a compatible transponder) will display ADS-B traffic and weather on the MFD display. Also, you can add EMAX Plus to your SIU, which would add a couple of extra display boxes to your EMAX page. The price to do these upgrades is not cheap, but they are upgrades that are available for the MFD.

Here is a link to the their website, that shows what the EMAX-Plus adds to the MFD (and also to the PFD)

Thank you Erica,

I have the Emax and it’s great. The leaning feature is particularly good. I will do the 8.2.2 upgrade and think I can display ADS-B traffic as we have a new Garmin Transponder doing in/out.


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I’m leaning heavily towards the Garmin TXi route. There are a couple discussions about it in the member forums that you’d probably find interesting, including posts from Garmin and Dave at NexAir. I’d encourage you to join or renew your membership for all the other benefits as well!

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