Avidynes (Entegra) need a good home

I have an idea for someone who may want to upgrade an older panel to Avidyne EXP5000 MFD & PFD. My Lancair was originally built with these certified units and then Avidyne dropped support for the Legacy. However, they work perfectly and I have v7.1 in the PFD and are perfect for a certified Cirrus, Columbia or Piper application. I am interested in pulling these units and replacing them with an experimental EFIS. I would like to talk to anyone who sees a use for these units as I have the MFD, PFD, magnetometer, software, engine sensor box. The units could be made available very quickly. Photo attached. The units are under factory warranty still (extended) and are currently flying with a recent pitot/static xpndr test. If you are interested feel free to contact me. Thanks, Paul.