When the Avidyne EX5000 fails. Replace with?

Apologies to all but I cannot find anywhere else to post this question. When the orphaned Lancair Columbia 400’s Avidyne EX5000 fails, can it be legally be replaced with a Garmin offering? Thanks for your expertise.

If you are a member, then the Avionics/Avidyne MFD forum would be the place to post (and search for) this question.

The simple answer is to put an iPad in its place. Remove the MFD, replace it with a flat plate with an iPad holder, then have a USB power outlet installed (can use the now-redundant MFD breaker for power supply) along with a BlueMAX engine/Bluetooth interface. Run the BlueMAX app and whatever other aviation apps on the iPad you like. These are all minor changes (the analog gauges or the PFD engine data remain as primary engine instrumentation.)

You won’t get Stormscope or Skywatch data on the iPad with this setup, but those are still displayed on the 430s.

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Samsung SM-T820

Clyde, Thank you very much. I was actually asking about the PFD - it is legal to replace it with something else? Because the plane is ‘orphaned’ I was wondering about the legality of replacing the Avidyne PFD with something like the Garmin G3x or G5s… something like that. Can the GTN750 take the place of the MFD and 430s?

I think you need the FAA to give you a 337 for what ever part you are replacing that is not STC’ed;

Thanks a lot.

Yes except the iPad “mount” is really just a plug-in and therefore no approval is required. However, be prepared for an iPad to shut down on a hot day or in direct sun. My MFD never did that.

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Ok, the PFD is an EXP5000, and like others have said replacing it would require an STC, or a 337. However, the PFD is still able to be maintained, albeit at fairly high repair prices, so it’s not an immediate problem. And the PFDs have proven to be pretty reliable, more so than the MFDs.

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I added impingement air from my fan manifold to the back of my “in panel” ipad mount and I have never had a problem…and I have houses in both the Dallas area and south Florida!..not a big deal to do and it pretty much makes the ipad mount bulletproof!

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Hey guys. Same issue here. I have the ARNAV unit in the plane I am buying but on the bright side, I have the aspen 3 pack with the pfd and 2 mfd’s and synthetic vision. So, my intent was to replace the arnav with an ipad from guardian avionics and then also get the JPI engine monitor. Any thoughts on this setup and where I could get this work done?


When I installed my iPad in place of the ARNAV, the Guardian Avionics unit was not available, but something similar was from Sporty’s…The Guardian unit is better thought out and should work fine, but it will not yet accept the iPad Air3. It will handle the Air1/2. I had all of this work done by Sarasota Avionics. Talk to Ryan Van Kirk at 941-544-3882 (cell). He can do it in Sarasota, KSRQ, or up at Tampa Executive Airport, KTPF.

I am actually replacing my MFD with the same type of Avidyne Entegra product, but it is missing the 4 Dzus panel fasteners. Does any now who I can contact for replacements? I’ve searched all over the place. Thanks

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Love the setup. I have a 2002. Looking forward to replacing my mfd.
What engine monitoring equipment are you using?
Running ROP? 17 gph. At 10.5 ft, I would be at 13 gph.
25 it head wind?

Hi Keith. This day out headwind was a but more than usual. And of course every minute counted so we were running ROP. Not the norm for me. Only have done that a handful of times, on the 2 hour flight to KMKC from KBUU it’ll save about 10-15mins and burn an extra $40 in fuel. Hardly worth it. But we weren’t late :joy:.

Sorry also that’s the JPI 850. Not certified so have to keep the factory gauges also. If I did it again I’d do the 900 so I could remove the factory dials