As the new SR20s begin to roll off the line

For those of you with SR20s, has anyone heard more about when CD will be able to offer the long awaited 100 lbs of additional useful load and other ‘improvements’ to the existing fleet. The customer service has always been good at Cirrus and with the infusion of cash it would be nice to offer a factory retrofit cowling and landing light for free (wishful thinking) or at some reduced cost.

I know that those of you on the waiting list would rather see them focus exclusively on new production but it is in all our best interest that they continue to show support for the existing fleet. Two years from now, you’ll be sitting in the same position watching the new SR20s come off the line and wishing you could get the … whatever it is on your plane.

Not sure how the COPA will evolve but it is critcal that when design flaws (minor and major) show up in the existing airplanes and are subsequently fixed in new production that the older planes have access to the modifications. Obviously not all production changes will be able to be retrofitted but many can and CD should stand by those owners who helped make the improvements possible by offering this service. Not saying they should do it for free, simply that they offer a factory certified upgrade when possible at a reduced cost to the owner.

Time to jump off my soap box and into the left seat.