SR20 Update (informal) and news on N893MK

Many thanks to Ian at CD, a great guy, very informative, and patient with my many questions.

Too bad he won’t be reading this! :slight_smile:

Sorry if I missed a post on some of items below.

As accurately as I can remember:

  • CD expects to get FAA approval for a gross weight increase by as much as 200 lbs.(!) by Fall (approx Sept/Oct). Applicable to all SR20’s with POH change or slight easy retrofit to seat pads.

  • Current empty weight(approx. 100 lbs over spec) is gradually coming down. Most recent birds 6 lbs lighter than early serial #'s without any changes due to better manufacturing technique. New “glue” and rear seat changes will reduce further. No big changes, just plan for many small decreases.

  • CD planning to improve forward CG limits in the same time frame; with so many of us ordering “C” and heavier 3-blade up front. Two heavies up front can exceed the current forward CG limit.

  • Vfe will still be 100 Kts for 100% but 50% extension at 120 Kts is a done deal. This will really help the “slow down” situation on our clean and fast birds.

  • Many of these changes are being referred to in CD as the SR20A, not a new model, just a term for the program of continuous improvement CD is rolling into our planes as they become available.

  • Weather-radar uplink? Complex story. Bottom line: Don’t expect it this year.

  • Engine/Fuel monitoring: Whenever Arnav can deliver. CD is no longer trying to oversee this.

  • Traffic Avoidance: One of CD’s highest priorities wheather thru Ryan/Garmin or Arnav.

  • Stormscope: Being certified now for Fall intro (I think) - Not one of my personal priorities.

On a personal note (with hint on mfg rate):

I have an estimated delivery date of 6/15/00 on N893MK (Wedding anniversary and wife’s initials, have to find some way for her to like it!) SR20 Serial # 1038. I understand that with best case and no problems, she might be ready for me as early as May 15th. Looks like the production is starting to ramp; let’s keep fingers crossed.

Good night to all,

Scott k.