Approach Plate Holder

Any inputs on what to use to hold approach plates. I know some people use kneeboards, but I prefer something that keeps it more in the normal scan without looking down in my lap. In my Warrior I’ve used either a yoke clip or a modified paper holder used on computers that has a suction cup normally mounted on the monitor. It worked pretty well, except it would occasionally fall off at the wrong time.

Can a standard yoke clip be mounted on the side stick? Any suggestions?


Walt N224AZ

There is a recent post or thread on this subject. In addition there is a much earlier post that incluces a picture.

The is to use one of the old style paper clips and secure it to the dash with one of the existing panel screws. Itworks well keeping the plate in front of you.

I purchased a sheet holder unit for attachment to a computer monitor at an office supply store for less than $10. The attachment base has adhesive tape that adheres to the panel immediately right of the light switches. The flexible paper holder then clips to the base and works very well for approach plates and can be removed when not in use.

I’ve made one that mounts in the hole in the bottom right of the pilot’s side bolster. Its a complex curved piece of aluminum that holds a 6X8 clipboard right in front of the bolster, at the level of and in front of the electrical switches and dimmer knobs. I can send you a pic after the holidays (will be out of town until Tuesday) if you’d like to see it. Works VERY WELL!

I always thought that the only way anything could be fastened on the inside of the cockpit was with velcro tape or something similiar. Would appreciate any clarification.

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I’d appreciate a photo. My email address is:

Walt N224AZ

Here’s a pic of my approach plate holder (asssuming the upload works…)