Anyone willing to chat with a total newbie for a bit?

fair enough…thanks

Yep happy to chat. But as Gordon said - paying for the membership and accessing years of COPA knowledge and threads on literally everything you can imagine is well worth it. Direct message me if you’d like to jump on a call though. My number is also testable and visible in my profile too.


I can’t imagine even thinking about regularly flying or owning a Cirrus and not being a COPA member. I joined about 6 months before I purchased so I could read and learn for months before I made my actual purchase move. The $99 has saved me countless thousands.


thanks for the input on membership. I got the same response from a couple of local guys, so here I am…I am probably close to where you are Jason. About 6 months out. I’m headed to Cirrus training facility in McKinney next week for discovery flight and intro lesson. I will be looking for pre-owned moving forward. I’ve seen a few SR22s in person and have been pointed in that direction. Any and all advice or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks again.


Yes, jump in and start reading. A good 20+ years of info and intel on this board. I spent hours every night for months reading when I got home from work. Using the search function is helpful as you bounce from one topic to another. Things you don’t even know about you stumble on… then a few hours later you look up and think, man I have to 1) remember that and 2) get to bed!

I only joined in later half of 2019 and knew pretty much nothing about Cirrus other than they had a chute. Spent the next 6 months reading and bought my '13 SR22T right as Covid kicked off in April 2020 (closed in May 2020). I would not have made as informed decision if I had not spent the time on this board reading up on the topics. Lots of smart folks on this board…helpful too. Several guys I’ve met I’ve met up in person several time; and one I fly regularly with. All around great community.

Glad to have you here!


I have recently met a Guy with a newer SR22 on a German airport and when I asked him if he is on COPA he shook his head. I tried to tell him how important it is for owners … but he quickly changed the subject and seemed absolutely not interested in the topic. I have no idea if maybe his English is not good enough … but that’s something very rare here.

I guess there is still the type of owner who puts the credit card on the seat for maintenance and is not interested in the technical details. For ME that attitude would be too expensive, too dangerous and not satisfying. HALF of the fun comes from understanding these beasts … doesn’t it?


Good stuff Jason. Thanks for the input and advice. I’m sure I will be using all of it.
Your * 1) and 2) comments are so true…I look up @ it’s 2am and I’ve been reading and scrolling for 3 hours. Talk soon.

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Your prediction is coming true. Flew to Hilton head last weekend with my wife, and flew to South Carolina and then Miami with my oldest daughter for some college visits. Amazing …

My wife is in the opposite opinion. If I go fly she wants to go. She says if something happens I bury myself into the ground then she’s going with me.